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Synappx Go for Collaboration

Configuration Steps

Reset Room

The Reset Room setting within the Synappx Go Windows application Settings helps enhance security after each meeting by removing newly added files and folders.

When you select Enable Reset Room by tapping the toggle, Synappx will reset the room for the next meeting and perform the following selected actions:

  • Tap the toggle to Close applications opened in a meeting when a meeting ends.
    All applications are closed, including browsers. Any unsaved files will be deleted.
  • Clear browsing data when a meeting ends.
    Delete history, cache, cookies, form data, temp files, and passwords for the selected Edge and Chrome check boxes.
  • Note:When Clear browsing data when a meeting ends is enabled, saved credentials are removed (e.g., Google Meet credentials), which may impact one-tap to start meetings.

  • Delete newly created folders/files when meeting ends.
    Files and folders created during the meeting are deleted for the selected Documents, Recycle Bin, Pictures, Download folder, and Desktop folders check boxes.
  • Tap the toggle to Reset Windows sound volume to before the start of the meeting when a meeting ends.