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Device Management Simplified
Meet Our Cloud-Based Service Application MICAS

Your days of collecting meter reads are over.

For customers, the Machine Intelligence Call Assistance System (MICAS) service makes device management hands-free. Our service application helps your service provider find solutions better, faster. Whether your company is large or small, local or remote, the MICAS service can keep your devices up and running.

Learn about the MICAS Difference

Customer Benefits

Automated Meter Data Collection

Eliminate those monthly calls for meter reads. Problem solved.

Automated Service Alerts

Enjoy faster service. MICAS helps keep your devices up and running.

Worry-free Device Management

Need toner? Maintenance? Your service provider already knows.

For IT Administrators

MICAS is a cloud-based device management application that uses Sharp's Remote Email Diagnostics (R.E.D.) to collect device data and alerts. Service providers may offer remote service capabilities and OEM device support via the MICAS Agent, a locally-installed software at the customer site. For more information about the MICAS service, please refer to the MICAS White Paper.

Service Provider Benefits

Access a vast library of resources to maintain customer devices. The MICAS service provides real-time status alerts, toner levels, maintenance reports, video tutorials, customized troubleshooting guides, and more.

Take us with you.

When an MFP fleet is registered on MICAS, service technicians have access to all MICAS data on the MICAS mobile app.