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Does Your Office Take Data Security Seriously?

See how your office stacks up against the rest with these 6 ways to tell if your office takes data seriously.

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Does Your Office Take Data Security Seriously? 

  • 59% of employees said colleagues leave printed pages in the paper tray.
  • 41% of office employees use their own devices at work because they are easier to use.
  • 23% said they used public file sharing sites without business approval.
  • 31% take information out of the office to complete work at home.
  • 8% of organizations have had employees access confidential information that they should not have had access to.
  • 24% of workers store information in the public cloud even though they are nto permitted to do so.

Research was conducted with 6,045 office workers in nine EU countries (France, Germany, UK, Italy, Sweden, Poland, Netherlands, Czech Republic and Hungary), including 1,006 office workers in the UK.

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