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Bytello Share for Wireless Casting

Video Length - 02:45

In this tutorial, Sharp's Dave Suaviso shows you how to use Bytello Share to wirelessly cast to the AQUOS BOARD Interactive Display.

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Video Transcription



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AQUOS BOARD PN-L2B Series: Bytello

David Suaviso, Jr. (Sr. Regional Sales Manager, NJ-NY):

Hi everybody. Dave Suaviso here again and I want to show you Bytello Share and the ability to wirelessly cast to the device. So, when you turn on your Sharp AQUOS BOARD, this is the PN-L2B Series, here on your home screen, at the left side you'll see Bytello Share. That's our wireless casting app. So we'll click on this.


We want to make sure you're connected on the same network. So your device, be it a Windows laptop, a MacBook, a Chromebook or an iOS device, an iPhone or an iPad, make sure you're connected on the same wireless network. In this case, we're on our guest network.


Then you'll want to download the Bytello Share app from your app store, which I've already done here, click on that app. From there you'll see here you're gonna have to input a six-digit code which we've already done, and it'll show up on your screen.

Suaviso gestures to the six-digit code on the AQUOS BOARD.

We'll hit start. It'll ask to start broadcasting and I will be able to wirelessly connect my iOS device right to the screen.

Suaviso presses start on his iPhone, and then begins broadcasting to the AQUOS BOARD.

So from here we're able to share media a video file, a picture, be able to bring in our camera right to the phone, control the board if we wanted to, or desktop sync.


Desktop sync is actually really nice because it allows the presenter to take what's ever on this PN-L2B series and push it out to people in the audience. So, if you're in the back of the room, by allowing desktop sync, you can take what's on here and push it out to your device.


But in this case here we're actually taking what's on my iPhone and pushing it to the screen. So now I have the ability to share exactly what's on my phone to the AQUOS BOARD. And I'll do that right now. I'll actually show, here is the website, Google. If I wanted to I can also bring up a file. So I'm bringing up a nice PDF here showing me how to get to UBS Arena from the Long Island Railroad. And again as you see here, I have full control. And again this is being able to wirelessly connect using a free app called Bytello Share.


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