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Idaho College of Osteopathic Medicine [Success Story]

Video Length - 02:26

ICOM is Idaho's first medical school. As such, the school relies on effective communication, connectivity, and cost-effective learning tools. By providing commercial LCD displays in the auditorium, labs, and in various areas around campus, Sharp was able to help provide smart, easy-to-use equipment to assist students and teachers alike.


Video Transcription



[intro music begins]


Dennis C. Rau Jr. (Department Chair, Osteopathic Principles and Practices at Idaho College of Osteopathic Medicine):

ICOM is the Idaho College of Osteopathic Medicine. It's the only medical school in Idaho. It's important for Idaho to finally have a medical school because this place has been an underserved area for quite some time. They rank 49th or 50th in the US as far as physicians per capita. And so it's nice to have a medical school that is focused on educating people in this region who will stay in this region to take care of the people that reside here.

A montage of ariel views of the school starts to play alongside other clips of a class taking place in a hall classroom setting inside the campus.

Brian Atkinson (Director of Information Technology at Idaho College of Osteopathic Medicine):

One of the funnest parts about being able to build this school from the ground up, was being able to literally shape it and mold it to be on the forefront of technology. We knew we wanted to have displays available so students can access their content literally anywhere they go in the building. That's really been a benefit to their education. The Sharp displays have really met our expectations. Once they were installed, we really haven't had to touch them at all. Students used them several hours a day without trouble. It's simple. It's easy for them to use.

Clips of the campus start to play, then videos of a student doing some procedures on a dummy laid down on a hospital bed, where the vitals are shown on a Sharp screen behind the student and the Professor start to play. A montage plays right after of different locations of the screens throughout the campus including conference rooms to watch informative videos, in the classroom to showcase a demo, in the hallways to display important event info and the date.

Dennis C. Rau Jr.: The Sharp displays are phenomenal. You can see everything from any place in the lab, allowing us to have a large group in this classroom, but get a small group environment and feel. You keep students engaged. They don't have to worry about their view. They can see everything that's happening. They can see it clearly and they can be practicing it right alongside the professor.

Clips of students engaging and collaborating with one another on some stretching exercises in a classroom setting, where other students are discussing amongst each other in groups.

Brian Atkinson: Technology is really integrated into almost every part of their curriculum. It really is enjoyable to be able to see them collaborating on some of their course content. We wanted to be open and available, but not a barrier to their education. We want it to be simple and easy to use. By going with Sharp displays. I knew we'd be getting a great products that would last a very long time.

A video showcasing the classroom hall setting once more and how the sharp screens are located throughout the hall displaying the same information as the projector in the middle of the hall.

[outro music begins]

The video fades out to a solid background with the Sharp logo in the center.