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Manufacturer Ups Collaboration with AQUOS BOARD® Display [Success Story]

Video Length - 01:47

IT pro Eric J.'s managers were looking to ditch their awkward webcams-pointed-at-the-whiteboard setup for online meetings. Enter the Sharp AQUOS BOARD interactive display system. With its massive interactive display, the Sharp AQUOS BOARD display makes presentations collaborative like never before and made a BIG impression in the conference room. No more snapping blurry smartphone pics of post-meeting whiteboards in this office!


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Eric Jacobson: (IT Employee):

Eric Jacobson: My name is Eric Jacobson and I work in IT. I work for an animal and feed manufacturing company in Texas and we recently implemented a 70 inch Sharp AQUOS BOARD

Eric Jacobson is speaking and examples of a young executive using the Sharp AQUOS BOARD are shown.

We had a whiteboard before, you know webcams with Skype. So there was no real interactiveness with what you were presenting and what was being shown Managers, executives, they wanted sort of an all in one solution.

A whiteboard is presented with a lot of doodles, graphs and information written all over.

They really wanted something that they could use to show their executives their shareholders some of their stockholder meetings, The set up on the AQUOS BOARD was plug and play. Everybody walks in and they're like, wow, it's great for meetings. It's great for any type of presentations. The way that you can collaborate with it. It's great for conferencing. The executives get really excited. They love being able to come over, log in with their fingers on screen keyboard, super reactive to your fingers.

The young executive is presenting a bar graph diagram while speaking to the room, he circles some numbers with his finger and then switches to a pen to write some notes on a blank screen and begins to draw a pie chart.

Either that or you can use the pen. You can make your different notations in different colors, change your font, and you can save it directly to it. You don't have to take a picture, you don't have to wait for somebody to email you the notes. The touch display link is great. It makes it easy, show it on multiple devices. You don't actually have to be sitting in front of the presentation to see what's going on, High definition display. Occasionally they do like to watch PGA and sports up there. I don't blame him for it. It's made my life a lot easier. You know, I don't have to worry about making sure this device is plugged in, you're in control, you have your pen, you're making your lines, you're making your notations, it's easy to use. It's intuitive, you're cutting it out, you're pasting it into another document, it's great. You feel powerful. The Sharp AQUOS BOARD is a fantastic piece of equipment.

Patrick Green uses the AQUOS BOARD and gives a demo to other colleagues in a conference room, where he highlights the writing capabilities with the pen, the on-screen keyboard, and the save functionality of the board.

I would definitely recommend the AQUOS BOARD to my IT colleagues no matter what field they're in. If you do conferencing, if you do presentations, I think the AQUOS BOARD is great. You know it's it's made our our company so much better for it. I would definitely recommend it.

The young executive is drawing satellites around the globe with the pen and the Sharp logo at the top right corner of the screen.