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Synappx Go for MFP - Free Version

How It Works


With Synappx Go – No Log in, you can scan a document to yourself (via email), to email distribution lists, or favorites created right on your phone.

Be sure to place the document to scan in the MFP feeder or on the glass and confirm the MFP control panel is showing the home screen before scanning document(s). Glass can be used for single page scan. For multiple page scanning, use the document feeder.

  1. Select Scan.
  2. Select  Configure Configure icon to enter your Scan to Me email address or create an email list. To change or remove email addresses, select Edit. Edit icon
  3. A request to access your mobile device contacts list will appear so you can more easily create the email address list. Choose to accept or deny access to your mobile contacts.
  4. Type an email address or start typing a few characters of a contact name; mobile contacts that match that entry will appear. Select (+)  to add a contact.
  5. Select  (+)  to add more email addresses. (A maximum of ten contacts can be added to the list.)

  6. Select Scan.
  7. The scan page will open. Adjust the scan settings. Place the document to be scanned in the document feeder or on the glass and select Scan.

    To view or change any scan setting, select the gear icon on the  Scan page before pressing the  Scan  button.
  8. Confirm your scan destination and select  Scan.
  9. When prompted, scan the Synappx QR code on the MFP front panel. Select OK and your camera will automatically open.

  10. Point your mobile camera at the MFP Synappx QR code. Depending on the MFP model, you may have to select the Synappx Go – No Login button or Advanced button, then Synappx Go – No Login button on the MFP front panel before the QR code is displayed. [View Sharp Workgroup MFP (A3) Screen] | [View Sharp Workgroup MFP (A4) Screen]
  11. When the mobile camera captures the QR code image, the Sharp MFP will start to scan. A confirmation screen will indicate the scan job is in process.The app returns to the home page.