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Print Driver

Video Length - 06:02

Ginny goes over the print driver and its features.

Video Transcription



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Ginny Wilkins (SHARP Field Trainer):

Hi, I'm Ginny Wilkins with Sharp. So today we're gonna go over the print driver and its features.

A product brochure pdf is open on the screen.

So basically, I've just pulled up a document and we're gonna just go to our file print, choose our Sharp driver. It is as easy as just click print. But if you want to do with options, we can go under the properties and we have different tabs.

Ginny Wilkins clicks “File” and then selects “Print”.

The way we've designed it is the main tab has a lot of the most current things that you would do or the common things that you would do. If you see down here, you see double sided, it's also under layout as well. You'll see stapling to the right, but it's also under finishing. So what we've designed is you can do many clicks here without having to go into the different tabs.

In the Print pop up, she clicks “Properties”. In the Printing Preferences pop up, the Main tab is selected.

So you've got, what size is your original? What would you like your output size to be? You have your orientation and when it's downloaded, we download with it already on double sided, you can have that changed as your default to none. But long edge means that you're reading it like a book. Short edge means you're reading it like you would want to put it on a clipboard.

She motions to the different options using her cursor. She clicks 2-Sided Printing and selects “None, then “Long Edge”, and then “Short Edge”.

You also have your stapling. You have your, depending on your finisher, you would have your one staple, two staple or saddle stitch or staple a staple, depending on your finisher.

For Staple options, she opens all the options and selects “None”.

You also have the ability to send a document to the hard drive of the copier. And then of course, your color mode would be set on automatic as a default, but you can change to black and white. The difference between automatic and color is say that you have 50 pages, 10 pages are color and 40 are not. Automatic is smart enough just to put the 10 pages that are color on the color meter and the 40 that are not still go on the black and white meter. If you choose color, it will use all the toners to make that black and charge you 50 color copies. And then of course, you're black and white.

For Color Mode, she opens up the options and then selects “Color”.

The paper source tab, right here, is the ability to select a tray. It will automatically select what the default is. But if I want to say, hey, I want to go to drawer two because I have colored paper in it, I can choose that drawer.

She then clicks the Paper Source tab at the top next to the Main tab. From the Paper Tray options, she selects “Tray2 (Letter-R)”.

If I'd like to, I can also click tray status and actually see what paper is in each drawer, the type that's in each drawer. So I know before I send, oh we've loaded ledger in drawer one.

She clicks Tray Status and a pop up shows that Tray2 is selected. She clicks OK.

Under finishing, you have the ability to staple punch. And again, if your machine has those options, you'll be able to choose them. If it doesn't, they would actually be grayed out just like this punch is.

She selects the Finishing tab and puts her cursor over Staple options. The “Punch” option is greyed out and not clickable.

Under layout, again, we're seeing the double sided and you also have the ability to do a booklet, where you could have them rearranged to do a nice little pamphlet.

She clicks the Layout tab. For “2-Sided Printing”, she selects “None”. She selects the Booklet options, and shows that there is an option for “Standard” and “None”.

Under job handling, that would be where you would be able to do some more custom folders with going to the hard drive of the copier, like we showed on the main screen, going to the hard drive, but also on the right hand side, it has the authentication. So in case you have enabled codes and you must require a code in order to send to the copier.

She then selects the Job Handling tab and chooses “None” from the Authentication options.

There's a little arrow to the right of job handling. This is for a few additional more complex features, one of which is called inserts. So if I have a document and I would like to pull a cover from a different source, I could do that. Or if I'm printing on tabs, I can tell to do tabs.

She clicks the arrow on the top right and then selects the Inserts tab. From the Inserts

And under the covers, you would just, each one would just give you the settings and you could tell where you were going to and what drawers.

Option she selects “Covers/Inserts” and then clicks Settings. She exits out of the pop up.

Stamping, stamping just allows you to do some basic watermarking. Or if you want to import a stamp that is um maybe your company logo, you can do that.

She clicks the Stamp tab and clicks on the options for “Stamp”. There is an option for “Watermark” and “Image Stamp”.

And then of course, image quality is where you saw the color mode, which was also on the front screen and you have some small adjustments of your quality of your color adjustments on the screen as well.

She then clicks the Image Quality tab at the top. She puts her cursor on the Print Mode options for quality and then the Color Adjustment button on the right.

So as you can see, really the main tab is something that allows you just to do some quick two sided. So if I were to do something like two sided, I wanted to do a staple. Tell me it depends on my machine of how many staples I can staple. And maybe I want this particular job always to be black and white.

She then clicks the top left arrow and returns to the Main tab. For 2-Sided Printing she chooses “Long Edge”. She selects “1 Staple” from the Staple options. She clicks OK on the pop up. From the Color Mode options, she chooses “Black and White”.

I do this job often and I don't want to have to come in and always tell it two sided staple, black and white. So I can set my settings right here. It says save. And I can type what I would know this job as so I could say double sided, staple. Click OK. She then clicks “Save” and a “Favorites” pop up appears. She writes, “double sided staple” for the Name field and clicks OK.

She then clicks “Save” and a “Favorites” pop up appears. She writes, “double sided staple” for the Name field and clicks OK.

Then the next time when I come in, if I want to pull up these settings, all I have to do is click on double sided staple and it automatically gives me long edge staple and black and white. And I don't have to do that every time. So these are great um favorites that you can just set all your different things that you do all the time.

On the Main tab, she selects “Factory Defaults” and then switches it to “Double sided staple”. She points to the “Long Edge” option selected for 2-Sided Printing, the “1 Staple” selected for Staple and “Black and White” selected for Color Mode.