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A Simply Smarter Start
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A Simply Smarter Start

Welcome to Sharp’s new Simply Smarter blog.

You may wonder why Sharp is introducing a new blog in the middle of this crazy year.  With so much going on around us, is this really a priority?


In fact, the ridiculous pace of technology disruption and business change is the exact reason now is an excellent time to find new ways to get out timely, useful information to our customers in new ways. Whether sharing ideas about critical security concerns, how to clean your office equipment, or even about creating the perfect meeting environment, we want as many ways to pass useful tips and new ideas to our audience as possible.

The blog name, Simply Smarter is a reference to our goal of providing clear, thoughtful and, well, simply smarter content for our readers.

At the same time, Simply Smarter is a reference to Sharp B2B’s mission in the market: to improve the work experience through smarter solutions that are simple to use.

Much like the blog itself, we find this mission to be even more critical right now as the universal need to share information feels challenged by the “new normal” of hybrid work, socially-distanced collaboration and productivity, and, for most, safely returning to our workplaces.

Despite these challenges, we are convinced that the right technology, deployed in the right way, can bring success.

In our homes, there are smart technologies.  We speak to digital assistants. We control our environments from our mobile phones. We revel in the integration that has simplified our collective lives.

But, in general, that’s not the work experience.  Yet.

We are on a journey to bring similar smart-home capabilities to our work environment and to our businesses. Whether working at home, in an office, or more likely, both – our technology should be as responsive as it is in our homes.  Sharp wants to help you get it there.

Most blogs found here will be about bits and pieces of this journey – new ideas, new technology, interesting perspectives. But in total, with everything we do, we intend to show how the right work technology can accelerate communications and collaboration, improve efficiencies and reduce costs, improve workflows through digitization and increase information security. Properly leveraged, this journey should also help us provide a safer work experience for all our employees.

As we see it, we are on a journey to Simply Smarter work, where we improve information sharing through user-friendly, connected technology.

And today, we start a journey of the Simply Smarter blog, which is one small way we can immediately improve information sharing and, hopefully, drive collaboration with all of you.

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