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Tri-Cities Skin and Cancer Transitions from Tablets to Dynabook Laptops

Tri-Cities Skin and Cancer, a state-of-the-art dermatology center with a full surgical facility and cosmetic laser center in Tennessee, underwent a technological shift, transitioning from using a popular brand of tablets to Dynabook laptops throughout its practice. After years of teaming up with Sharp for its office equipment needs, the dermatology group turned to Sharp for this strategic switch which has resulted in positive user satisfaction among its doctors, nurses and staff.

Intellis Gets Scalable IT Solution to Support Healthy Growth

Intellis, an e4 company, is a health information management consulting firm that contracts with hospitals and health systems to help them with documentation, coding and auditing of medical records. Sharp's HIPAA/HITECH compliance assessment showed Intellis that its current IT vendor had lost track of the locations and quantity of laptops and other supporting equipment in the field.  Intellis enlisted the help of Sharp to craft a full work-from-home technology kit and ordering system to get employees up and running.

Dental Service Organization Keeps Employees Engaged with NEC Displays

With upwards of 85 offices located throughout the southeast, a leading dental service organization needed a solution to better engage staff at all their different offices at once. Each office had meetings but did not have a way to easily collaborate with other offices and rarely used the essential employee intranet.  By installing Sharp's NEC displays, with the soundbar and cameras, all offices are now able to have daily morning meetings with each office to talk about the cases coming in for that day. 

Healthcare Analytics Company Secures Laptops Despite a Global Shortage

The pandemic brewed a perfect storm of worldwide supply chain issues and computer chip shortages.  At that time, a prominent healthcare analytics company had pivoted to a full-on remote work environment and acquired a new company. With more than 5,000 employees working from home and onboarding new employees, it was in dire need of powerful laptops. 

Intellis Gets Scalable IT Solution to Support Healthy Growth

Hospitals and health centers are constantly striving to enhance patient care, improve documentation and maximize efficiencies. A critical piece of the puzzle is their Electronic Health Records (EHR) systems. Intellis, an e4 company, is a health information management consulting firm that contracts with hospitals and health systems to help them with documentation, coding and auditing of medical records. 

Nebraska Methodist Health System Reduces Footprint with Sharp Multifunction Printers

When this large healthcare system needed a way to optimize their print environment by understanding their print costs, complying with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations and integrating seamlessly with the hospital system’s electronic patient record system, it turned to Sharp and Marco for the ultimate solution, saving almost $500,000 in 6 months.

Physical Therapy Organization Resolves Network and IT Performance Challenges

Relying on outsourced IT support, North Georgia Physical Therapy Associates suffered from a number of ongoing technical and network issues that took extended time to be addressed. With the help of a rebuilt infrastructure and 24/7 network management from Sharp, the physical therapy organization has nearly eliminated IT issues, drastically improved overall productivity and protected the integrity of important business data

Thayer County Health Services Improves Security and Increases Efficiencies

Being able to meet HIPAA compliance standards is a challenge for most rural hospitals, Thayer County Health Services, a rural county hospital, needed a technology upgrade in order to protect sensitive patient data. Eakes Office Solutions was able to offer printing and fax solutions that helped the hospital improve the way patient information was safeguarded and shared, while saving the organization thousands of dollars.

A Healthy Upgrade: NEC Projectors and Displays Enhance Healthcare Sciences Learning at Philadelphia University

Teaching, especially in higher education, has evolved dramatically since the rise of technology. Classrooms look very different than they did a decade or two ago, and students and educators alike are reaping the benefits of collaboration methods and visual aids that were not possible until recently.

So when a university in Philadelphia saw a way to enhance its healthcare and medical sciences education spaces by making them more interactive and collaborative, it turned to technology to make it happen.


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