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Get comfortable… the home office may be here to stay
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Get comfortable… the home office may be here to stay

It wasn’t very long ago that many of us thought that we would all be returning full-time to the office. COVID-19 cases seemed to be on the decline and businesses were making plans to transition away from hybrid and remote models.

Then Omicron came. And everything turned on its head again.

If you haven’t made investments to make your home office space more comfortable and update your home technology, now is certainly the time. We looked at some critical home office updates you can make to be more effective in the ongoing hybrid/remote work environment, as well as some traditional office suggestions to make life easier for those working from home.


The other pandemic we’re facing is that of cyberattacks. The World Economic Forum’s recent Global Cybersecurity Update reported that there was a 151% increase in ransomware attacks in the first six months of 2021, and that there are now more than 100 different strains of ransomware around the world, with scammers trying new tactics like identity theft via QR codes.  

To help keep your home office safe from malware and other cyber threats, make sure you are always connecting through your company’s virtual private network (VPN), which encrypts communications to help prevent unauthorized access. Also be sure to use malware detection and anti-spam software for additional protection.

Remote Collaboration

Most of us are already using platforms such as Microsoft Teams to connect with coworkers. However, when you need to hold a larger meeting or collaborate on a brainstorm, having people in different locations becomes more onerous. Your company should be reassessing its conference room display equipment to make sure it is up to date and using tech that will drive greater engagement during conference calls, no matter where you’re located.

An example of a solution in this space is the Windows Collaboration Display from Sharp. Its built-in microphone, 4K camera and IoT sensor hub works seamlessly with Microsoft 365 tools, and it is designed to drive productivity with those working from home, so that they feel like they are in the room with the rest of the group.


When you know that you’re going to have to print that expense report or contractor invoice from your home for the foreseeable future, it’s time to upgrade your home multifunction printer. These devices come in compact sizes for your home office desk. It’s important to select a printer that won’t cost you (or your company) a fortune in ink/toner, and one that is environmentally conscious, with duplex printing options. Check out options from Sharp that can fit the majority of home office printing needs.


Many of us have become accustomed to working on laptop screens much smaller than our office monitors. However, if you haven’t considered a full-sized quality monitor, now is an ideal time to do so. Your eyes and neck will thank you when you don’t have to strain too much to see the screen. And with options to connect your laptop to your monitor wirelessly, you can now do so with less clutter.

Comfortable furniture

Working from home means we spend more hours sitting, which means investing in an ergonomic chair can do wonders for your back and neck. In addition, you should look into other furniture options for your comfort, such as work desks, lamps for better lighting and organizational bins for your important documents and printouts.

As we continue to double up our guest room, playroom or family room as a home office, we should make sure to prioritize how we can make our work space a true oasis of collaboration and productivity.  View more information on how Sharp can revamp your home workspace, including home technology bundles


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