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Healthcare Information Service, Intellis, Looks to Improve Technology Systems with Sharp
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Healthcare Information Service, Intellis, Looks to Improve Technology Systems with Sharp


The pandemic has changed so much of how the world works. From virtual learning to leading global meetings from makeshift living room offices, we have adapted regimes to ensure we are completing the best work possible. What happens when old routines, programs, and technology no longer fit the mold and aren’t helping us excel? There’s one clear answer: Change.

When it comes to the healthcare industry, strong, accurate, and efficient documentation protocols should be non-negotiable across the board. Intellis, a health information management consulting firm that contracts with hospitals and health systems to help them with documentation, coding and auditing of medical records, recognized that they were in need of some upgrades, so they turned to Sharp to help.

Streamlined approach for growth

Intellis found itself quickly growing at a strong rate and needed to provide stakeholders with reliable information technology from a partner they could count on. The company has over 800 employees, who all work remotely in different locations, so a streamlined approach was needed. As Intellis continued to increase in both employees and clients, the company enlisted Sharp to perform a HIPAA/HITECH compliance assessment. The completed assessment found that Intellis’ current IT vendor wasn’t performing as well as it needed to.

Technology-based Solutions

Sharp articulated a top-tier work-from-home technology kit and ordering system to create a smooth onboarding and day-to-day process for Intellis employees. The new resolution included Dynabook laptops, NEC desktop monitors, cybersecurity protection, Microsoft 365 licensing and help desk services. The revamp also ensured employees had access to a predetermined refresh cycle, that would acknowledge when laptops and monitors were becoming out-of-date, thus suggesting a new model as not to hinder optimal employee workflow and performance. Intellis also now has access to a report that monitors said refresh cycle, which proves beneficial in keeping the company aware of its equipment. To date, Sharp has successfully supplied Intellis with 360 Dynabook laptops and 350 NEC monitors.

Outstanding Outcomes

Because of Sharp’s help, Intellis has an improved peace-of-mind knowing their technology is setting employees up for success. As a company that is seeing strong growth, in addition to managing large amounts of healthcare data, Intellis now has the tools it needs to safely, securely, and effectively navigate its equipment, statuses and processes. For more information, check out the full case study here.


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