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How to Build Your Home Office Oasis

Danielle Cerny /

Over the past few years, working from home at least a few days a week has become a regular occurrence. This way of work has shifted family dynamics, as many have turned guest rooms into offices, splurged on top-notch Wi-Fi systems, and even moved homes due to no longer having to commute to work every day. At first, your ideal home office may be as simple as a room that is secluded from traffic or lawnmower noises, but if you really think about making your workspace perfect for productivity, there are clearly other aspects that need to be considered. In my quest to put together my ideal home office, I examined all critical components, from hardworking hardware to a motivating ambiance.

IT Security in Today’s Hybrid Office

Over the past few years, remote and hybrid work setups have become the norm.  Combining remote and in-person work can benefit everyone by offering flexibility and the opportunity to tailor work environments to different tasks. While many companies are still navigating their optimal balance – such as three days in the office and two days remote – it is evident that this hybrid work model is not just a passing trend but a permanent feature in the modern work environment.

Although many of us are used to working from home, it’s important to remember that there are many differences between working in a corporate space and home office in terms of IT security. With the rate of cyber-attacks increasing by nearly 600% during the pandemic, it’s critical for organizations to have both their own devices, and those of their employees, fully secure in order to reduce the risk of an attack.


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