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What is On Your Home Office Wish List?
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What is On Your Home Office Wish List?

We’ve said it before and it’s worth reiterating - remote and hybrid work is here to stay! A study from GOBankingRates found half of U.S. workers want to work from home or remotely. What a turnaround from pre-pandemic days, when only 6% of workers were remote and about 75% never worked from home (data from National Council on Compensation Insurance).

We continue to hear this loud and clear from customers, dealers, and the industry at large. With WFH sticking around, it’s important that your home office includes all that you need to succeed. We even polled from our social media followers and learned that the flexibility and ability to log-on to work from anywhere is favored, especially when you have an ideal home office set-up.  Here’s what our followers expressed as their must-have items for their remote office:

Second Monitor:

Double the screens, double the fun (or double the work, if you’re a glass half-empty kind of person)! At the top of our followers’ holiday wish list is a second monitor, which received the most votes in our LinkedIn poll about must-have items for a remote office. It also ranked #2 in our poll asking for which workplace essential they are most thankful for. While this item may not be the most portable, it is extremely helpful in creating a more efficient and productive environment to complete assignments, communicate with co-workers, and multi-task on various items. Those working on the creative side (i.e., graphic designers), are particularly fond of the dual-screen setup.


Where would we be without our laptops for our home and hybrid offices? They’re portable, durable, and fast, ensuring that work can be completed anytime, anywhere. When it comes to workplace essentials for which they are most thankful, our LinkedIn followers felt that laptops take the prize.


Tune in, distractions out. Followers noted their headphones are their second choice in our poll about essentials to take while on the road. Many headphones offer Bluetooth connectivity allowing employees to remotely connect to their laptop or phone to take work calls, listen to music, podcasts, or the news throughout the day. This allows for great flexibility and freedom, so it’s no wonder they are top of mind.

Wireless Mouse:

‘Tis the season for clicking! Followers selected their wireless mouse as an essential during travels to create their ideal remote office. Just like the second monitor, this tool allows for more efficient work and can be more comfortable to use compared to a traditional wired mouse or laptop mousepad. Gone are the days of the rollable ball that would pop out of your old computer mouse!

Notice a trend? Items that are flexible, increase productivity, and make for a more efficient daily workflow were highly preferred by followers for their corporate, home, or traveling office. If you’re interested in participating in our future workplace polls, be sure to follow us on LinkedIn.

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