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When Size Matters: The Case for Larger Displays
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When Size Matters: The Case for Larger Displays

Digital displays have become essential communication tools in corporate offices, retail stores, school campuses, event spaces, and other settings because they enhance collaboration, boost commerce, and improve the transmission of marketing messages and other information. In appropriate applications, larger displays — typically measuring 70 inches or more diagonally — provide crucial additional benefits beyond those offered by smaller-sized displays. Let’s examine how larger displays can help you achieve your communication and brand goals.

The Advantages of Larger Displays

When choosing a digital display, it’s crucial to consider the overall context of the display’s intended use, including location and environment, the target audience, and the types of content that will be conveyed. In suitable settings, larger displays enable organizations to communicate more efficiently and effectively with employees, clients, customers, and other audiences by providing an enhanced viewing experience that smaller screens cannot match. In these situations, bigger is indeed better.

The top three advantages of larger displays are:

1. More eye-catching

By virtue of their size, larger displays excel at grabbing and holding viewers’ attention. They present information in a clear, highly visible way, and in many cases, they become the center of attention in a space. Larger screens make it easier for viewers to read or view content from a greater distance.

2. Bigger creative canvas

Larger screens also provide a bigger canvas for creating dynamic content, which both expands the types of content that can be presented and makes it easier to design and present complex content.

3. Greater impact

In corporate environments, larger displays provide a dynamic impact in lobbies, impressing clients and other visitors. For presentations in boardrooms and conference rooms, bigger displays offer larger images and text size, giving a presenter confidence that no one in their audience is missing vital details and information. In collaboration spaces, larger displays enhance the ability of employees to share information and insights, boosting ideation and productivity.

The same bigger-is-better dynamic holds true in other settings where information needs to be shared in a clear and highly visible way. In retail stores and event spaces, larger displays excel at providing wayfaring, delivering marketing messages, and offering video and entertainment content. They help businesses connect with customers and maximize the brand experience. In educational settings, larger displays are ideal for auditoriums and large lecture halls, ensuring that even those sitting in the last row can clearly see the information presented on the screen. In classrooms, larger displays are essential for subject matter that require close attention to fine details, such as science, engineering and architecture.



When assessing the purchase of a larger display, keep an eye out for these features to ensure that you get high-end quality, reliability and long-term satisfaction:

1. A panel with adequate brightness — 350 cd/m² or higher — to ensure a better viewing experience

2. 4K Ultra HD native resolution to provide crystal clear imagery and effective messaging

3. Landscape and portrait orientation to have installation flexibility to meet your needs

4. A sleek, commercial-grade display to ensure longevity and pleasing aesthetics

5. Robust, up-to-date connectivity options to guarantee compatibility with other devices

6. A 24-hour on/off timer to maintain power schedules

7. A multi-year, commercial warranty to protect your investment and give you peace of mind


Technology advances have improved the quality of larger displays while also lowering their costs, making them more affordable than ever. With long lifespans, larger displays offer lower total cost of ownership, increasing the ROI for organizations of any size.


When It’s Time to Go Big

Larger displays enhance meetings, collaborations, marketing outreach, and entertainment with eye-catching, high-quality visuals that provide the ultimate viewing experience. They can become the centerpiece of any appropriate space, from boardrooms and classrooms to stores and convention centers.

When considering the purchase of digital displays, it’s vital to find the right partner who can provide trustworthy guidance, high-quality products, and ongoing service to ensure that you get the most out of your investment. Sharp Imaging and Information Company of America and Sharp NEC Display Solutions of America offer larger displays built to last, and we pride ourselves on partnering with clients to deliver customized solutions that match their needs. For more information on larger displays and how we can help you make the right display choices for your organization, contact your local Sharp representative today.



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