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3 Legal Superpowers Unleashed: How communication, visual thinking & document management can empower the legal industry
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3 Legal Superpowers Unleashed: How communication, visual thinking & document management can empower the legal industry

Legal professionals operate in a detail-oriented environment, where effective collaboration and document management are key to efficiency, security, and client service. To keep up with the evolving demands of the legal landscape, law firms are turning to modern technologies that streamline workflows, strengthen information security, and foster seamless communication. In this blog post, we’ll review the evidence proving that collaboration tools, interactive whiteboards, and copiers/printers are 3 superpowers that help alleviate common challenges, reduce billable leakage, and enhance productivity in the legal sector.

Superpower #1 – Effective Communication and Collaboration

Legal professionals often struggle with seamless communication and coordination, particularly when working remotely or across multiple locations. Meeting client expectations, providing timely updates, and ensuring clear communication throughout the legal process can be demanding.  Ineffective communication leads to individuals working in silos, hiccups in information exchange, and disorganized client interactions.

Communication platforms like Microsoft and GoTo that offer video conferencing software, instant messaging apps, and email services enable legal professionals to connect and collaborate in real time, regardless of their physical location or time zone. The face-to-face client meeting is preserved when the right technology is in place, enabling virtual meetings, consultations, and document sharing to be conducted effortlessly. This promotes effective collaboration among team members and with clients, not to mention enhances the work-life balance of legal professionals.

Collaboration tools such as project management software, file sharing platforms, and document management systems allow legal professionals to share, access, and collaborate on files and documents securely. This fosters streamlined workflows, version control, and easy retrieval of critical information, minimizing errors, reducing billable leakage, and enhancing productivity.

Superpower #2 – Visual Thinking with Interactive Whiteboards

Legal professionals face the challenge of comprehensively analyzing complex cases and effectively presenting their findings to clients, colleagues, and in the courtroom. Interactive whiteboards have become indispensable tools in legal war rooms and courtroom presentations, providing an ideal platform for dynamic case analysis and engaging presentations.

With interactive features like digital annotations, document markups, and real-time collaboration, legal professionals can analyze cases collaboratively, visually convey legal concepts, and facilitate in-depth brainstorming sessions. These boards allow multiple users to interact simultaneously, making them ideal for collaborative strategy sessions. In addition, Interactive whiteboards can seamlessly integrate with other technologies, such as document management systems, presentation software, and video conferencing tools, making information sharing a breeze.

Superpower #3 – Document Management with Copier and Printer Technology

Legal firms frequently handle large volumes of documents that require efficient production, duplication, and secure handling while ensuring regulatory compliance. Due to the sensitive nature of these documents, many processes are still manual and paper-intensive, leading to information overload without a streamlined method of organization. Not to mention, inefficient document management practices, such as misplaced documents, difficulty in retrieving information, or time spent searching for files, can result in unrecorded billable hours and potential leakage.

Copiers and printers enable efficient production of hard copies of legal resources, exhibits, trial binders, and other documents necessary for internal use, client review, and court submissions. High-speed printing and duplexing features ensure rapid and cost-effective document duplication. They also play a vital role in addressing document-related billable leakage by employing technology to organize, locate and share files.

Protecting client data, maintaining confidentiality, and adhering to data privacy regulations are significant concerns for legal practices. Copiers and printers equipped with secure printing features, such as user authentication and encryption, help safeguard legal documents. These features prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information, ensuring confidentiality and compliance with data protection regulations.


The legal industry thrives on effective teamwork and accurate, secure document management. By leveraging communication and collaboration tools, interactive whiteboards, and copiers/printers, legal professionals can enable seamless connectivity, enhance case analysis and presentation, curb billable leakage, and streamline secure document management processes. The challenge in adoption and integration of these new technology superpowers lies in navigating the implementation of legal-specific software, ensuring compatibility with existing systems, and managing change within the organization. Sharp and our network of dealer partners can help.


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