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How to Use Display Technology to Make Your Doctor's Office More Pleasant

How to Use Display Technology to Make Your Doctor's Office More Pleasant


Effective communication is vital to the work of doctors, nurses and their staff - and it’s not exactly overlooked by patients, either. Any visit to a doctor’s office, clinic, urgent care center or hospital should be as stress-free as possible, and keeping patients informed goes a long way in accomplishing that. One effective tool for healthcare professionals to consider is implementing modern devices to enhance decision-making, collaboration and the overall patient experience.

One healthcare organization in New York resolved to innovate communication within their offices. They looked to their technology partners to bring interactive display systems into their facility to improve visibility, navigation and overall engagement.

Dreaming up the Doctor’s Office of the Future

This healthcare provider envisioned a "doctor's office of the future" and recognized the need for practical and interactive displays to project information throughout their various locations. They were eager to incorporate technology solutions that would facilitate easy communication and navigation for patients. Additionally, they aimed to establish a community area that could host conferences and events of all sizes for various attendees.

Their tech partner helped set up both Sharp’s 4K Ultra-HD professional LCD display systems as well as an AQUOS BOARD interactive display to achieve these goals, allowing for a more interactive and personalized experience across each corner of the healthcare system. The solutions included four displays, which greeted patients and visitors and provided vital information, navigation assistance as well as advertisements and entertainment. Waiting rooms, the customer connect room, and the building's café were equipped with these interactive displays, creating a cohesive and engaging experience at every touchpoint, along with a sleek, modern look.

Setting up these digital displays offer a glimpse into the future of healthcare, while also transforming the overall healthcare environment and elevating the patient experience. From personalized health information and real-time updates to interactive educational content and telehealth capabilities, these digital displays play a pivotal role in this organization’s offices by digitizing greater connectivity, patient empowerment, and overall efficiency.

Vital signs are looking good for patient engagement

Recognizing and prioritizing the importance of how technology directly impacts a healthcare office experience is crucial as patients’ needs and expectations evolve. The use of interactive displays provides this organization’s patients with access to personalized educational resources, enabling them to gain a deeper understanding of their medical conditions and creating a positive experience.


The integration of Sharp digital displays into this New York healthcare system revolutionized the patient experience within the doctor's office. Embracing technology reaffirmed their commitment to enhancing office visits for patients throughout the region. For more information, check out the full case study here.


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