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From Runway to Retail: Sharp’s Digital Displays Arm Fashion’s Finest
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From Runway to Retail: Sharp’s Digital Displays Arm Fashion’s Finest

A retail store is a critical element of a designer’s business and can have a strong influence on a customer’s purchase decision. Presenting an item in an inviting manner can contribute to strong revenues and keep happy shoppers coming back. Mood Media’s Shopper Sentiments study found that 80% of consumers globally are now ready to visit retail stores in-person to discover new items, after a year of mostly online purchasing and limited trips outside of the home.

Understanding the importance of the retail experience, Sharp was able to successfully provide technology solutions for two iconic fashion brands’ prime retail locations in the heart of some of Manhattan, New York’s busiest shopping districts. Both brands had their own challenges and received a Sharp makeover that resulted in satisfaction from both the designers and their customers.

A Video Wall for Midtown

One well-known fashion designer was opening its first-ever flagship store in Midtown. To stand out amongst the competition in such a chic neighborhood and visually catch people’s attention, the store needed compelling display units that were large and clear, and that bystanders could see from the sidewalks, so they arranged to install a vibrant 3x7 wall of Sharp professional displays, visible from the second and third story windows of their retail location. The video content included runway models displaying the company’s latest designs with music synchronizing in-store for an extra effect. The owner was so impressed with the visual impact of the signage, that they ordered additional video displays to be added throughout the store to reinforce the brand. They also implemented professional displays in their other store locations.

Bright Does Not Mean Washed Out

Another example of a similar display challenge was a world-famous French designer opening a store in the trendy SoHo neighborhood (for out-of-towners, that’s South of Houston Street – pronounced “Hows-ton” in NYC). The small, boutique-style store had high ceilings with skylights, typical of the spacious lofts in the area, which introduced plenty of direct sun into the space. The problem from a display perspective was that the natural light would make a traditional video wall appear washed out. To solve this issue, Sharp configured a total of sixteen professional displays to create a 4x4 video wall to display the brand’s current styles and trends. This setup boosted the screen brightness to 700 nits (a value measuring the brightness of the screen or monitor) – just the right level to outshine the skylights. Mirrors were placed around the wall to make the store appear larger, and 2.5mm Sharp mirrored frames were positioned around the monitors. The Sharp video wall became the focal point of the store, with 4K content updated on a regular basis, showcasing Parisian gardens mixed with the latest fashion styles. The company was impressed with the results and how vibrant the content looked. In fact, it was better than they ever could have imagined!

Having the proper digital displays in place gives customers a dynamic, modern experience that will make them want to keep coming back. Sharp successfully provided these two fashion companies with the proper solutions specifically catered to their spaces, helping them showcase the latest and greatest styles, and keeping those brands visually “en vogue” in front of their visiting customers!

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