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How to Make Sure Your Signage Isn't Old School Anymore

How to Make Sure Your Signage Isn't Old School Anymore



Whether you’re headed into a job interview, presentation, or a special occasion, it’s important to “look the part.” The same applies to dressing up your learning environment technology. In schools, having a modern space, tools and resources allows students to be informed, stay motivated and communicate with ease. The COVID-19 pandemic has launched educators and students into completely new ways of learning where they rely on technology more than ever. While we know the impact that interactive displays have on the classroom, adding digital signage to school common areas can make a major visual impact while providing a simplified way to communicate to large audiences at once.  

Traditionally associated with retail spaces, fast food and fast casual restaurants, digital signage is seeing increased demand from K-12 to colleges and universities. There are countless locations within a school – some you may not have thought of – where digital signage can make a difference. Below you’ll find just a few examples:


“What’s for lunch” need not be a mystery anymore. Digital signage can provide menu information to students, as well as nutritional information and fun food facts to make mealtime a bit more enjoyable and informative.

Library and computer lab.

Most libraries already have a formidable set of computer tech, but adding digital signage can effectively and quietly display information on whether a study room is reserved or the availability of the latest must-reads.

Common areas.

Placing digital signage in high traffic spots on campus can convey essential information like emergency messages, holiday announcements and upcoming events so faculty and students are up to date on school happenings.   

Recreation center.

Missed the football game last Friday? Digital signage to the rescue! Highlight winning games, team stats and timing on upcoming sporting events with strategically placed signage. This type of display can also be helpful to share your gym’s hours of operation and safety policies.

Guidance and career counseling office.

We all remember going to the guidance or career counselor’s office to get information on what we were going to do with the rest of our lives. The experience can be overwhelming and may include some waiting. Having digital signage in the room to display info on colleges, career options and job opportunities can help make the process a little bit easier.


Students and teachers spend most of their time in the classroom, so why not have it equipped with the latest technology to improve learning? Adding digital signage within a classroom can offer advanced visual learning capabilities and boost collaboration by easily connecting to tablets, laptops and smart phones.

Digital signage is a versatile solution that can convey essential messages and information in a compelling way to students, faculty and staff. Whether it is placed in a cafeteria, library, or recreation center, digital signage can offer more to the school community by communicating to a wider audience with a sleek appearance.


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