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Interactive Whiteboards Create Collaborative Classrooms
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Interactive Whiteboards Create Collaborative Classrooms

If you went to school in the 90s, 80s, or before then, you’ll remember the chalkboards that once filled the hallways of our schools. You’ll also remember making the “nails on a chalkboard” sound when a piece of chalk was used the wrong way. Then there were the overhead projectors. Who didn’t love the thrill of being allowed to write on the transparency with a dry-erase marker and seeing the results projected on the wall?

Good thing for us, classroom lessons have evolved quite a bit since then thanks to game-changing technology. Students born into the digital age are now learning more efficiently by adapting to a technologically forward learning experience. Interactive whiteboards invite students to actively engage with lessons and teachers aren’t limited in what they can present and how they collaborate with their students.

How can an interactive whiteboard enhance my classroom?

Enhanced lessons:

Interactive whiteboards effectively bridge all types of learning styles. Students can learn through visuals, sounds and interactions to create the ultimate learning experience. Rather than using text-based lessons, students can understand and remember more effectively through these experiences, as well as movies, PowerPoint presentations and graphics that otherwise could not be used with a standard chalkboard.


An interactive whiteboard can host many different platforms. Teachers have a wide array to choose from, whether it be photos, graphs, illustrations or videos. The Sharp AQUOS BOARD® interactive display offers plug-and-play compatibility for quick integration with various cloud-based platforms, including Google Classroom, allowing presentations on a large-format display inside the classroom. Additionally, precise 20-point multi-touch functionality allows multiple people to collaborate to facilitate effective learning.


Interactive whiteboards are an excellent way for kids to interact with the curriculum. Children thrive with hands-on learning, so their understanding of the material comes from touching, drawing or writing on the board. Interactive whiteboards offer immediate feedback, which allows teachers to easily assess student progress.


Ditching the chalk, markers and other classroom supplies make interactive whiteboards even more appealing - the maintenance is next to nothing. Data is easily marked using a stylus or a finger for highlighting, drawing and writing.  There is no need for extra tools, which means no mess or cleanup!

Why is it worth it?

Interactive whiteboards require an initial investment on behalf of the educational institution. Of course, there are alternatives, like a chalkboard. However, those products dismiss the collaboration an interactive whiteboard has to offer. The usability and sufficiency of the technology make it all worth it when it comes to the learning opportunities it brings.

Remember, there is no sense in having an expensive piece of technology in your classroom if you can’t even use it.  When researching manufacturers to purchase an interactive whiteboard, look for those that offer no-risk demos and no-to-low-cost training included with the purchase.

As technology continues to develop, educators need to plan for not only their current needs but also for the classrooms of tomorrow. A smart classroom equipped with an interactive whiteboard and modern tools helps with effective learning outcomes for all students. Having the right technology in your classroom can make the biggest difference in both teachers’ and students' lives. Here’s how this school district was able to use interactive whiteboards to maximize student interaction.


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