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How to give your school a technology makeover

How to give your school a technology makeover

Is your classroom in need of a technology upgrade? Chances are if you’re still writing on chalkboards and working on an older smartboard model – the answer is probably yes! As technology continues to be at the forefront of nearly everything we do, exposing students to cutting-edge devices from a young age can help set them up for success in the future by enhancing their collaboration and technical skills. In addition to the benefits for students in the classroom, new display technology also enables teachers to streamline their lesson plans, while creating an interactive environment for all to learn and thrive.  

To demonstrate what a full-scale school revamp looks like, our team here at Sharp had the opportunity to work with a high school in Texas to upgrade its technology infrastructure by providing a variety of new solutions. The school was equipped with smartboards, but they were no longer serving the needs of the classrooms.

Sharp worked with school officials to implement modern technology solutions that provided better collaboration tools needed for its students and teachers. 

Interactive Displays

Step one was to use the school’s open wall space for a more encompassing learning experience. For this purpose, Sharp identified its award-winning AQUOS BOARD® interactive display lineup as a good fit for the classroom’s needs. The installation included thirty-six 70” AQUOS BOARD interactive displays, four of the same 70” displays on mobile carts and two additional 86” AQUOS BOARD interactive displays on mobile carts. Sharp also installed Mersive Solstice Pod in every classroom to provide wireless content sharing and streaming.  

In the school library collaboration rooms, Sharp installed three 70” displays. These touch-operated displays enable multiple individuals to interact with the device simultaneously for seamless collaboration and presentation capabilities.

Video Walls

Sharp created a video wall, consisting of four 70” displays in portrait mode (120 – 130” across), in the school’s main library, that brought training sessions, presentations and demonstrations to life through high-quality imagery on a large scale. The video wall was paired with a Mersive Solstice Pod for wireless content sharing, along with Datapath software and controllers to enhance the overall experience for staff and students.

Digital Signage

The school also decided to remove all bulletin boards used for communicating important messages to students by incorporating three 65” digital signage displays in the cafeteria and foyer. These digital signage solutions upgraded high-traffic areas, so the administration no longer had to rely on bulletin boards to relay information. Incorporating these digital signage solutions provided staff with new ways to share photos and announcements such as sporting events, club meetings, community service opportunities and more. 

Sharp was honored to have the opportunity to work with this school and upgrade its technology infrastructure. By implementing these upgrades, students and staff can collaborate more effectively in modern learning spaces. Faculty and students alike were able to reap the benefits of these enhancements and look forward to using these technologies for years to come.  

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