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Not so old school anymore! Macon County Schools share a lesson in printing efficiency

Not so old school anymore! Macon County Schools share a lesson in printing efficiency


Educators and school support staff already have a tough enough job as it is. Add outdated and malfunctioning technology to the mix, and you have an academic perfect storm. This is what faced the Macon County School District, located in southwestern North Carolina near the Appalachian Trail. They were dealing with outdated printers and copiers and needed to modernize quickly in order to spend less time worrying about tech and more time focusing on their 4,400 students. As such, they turned to Sharp for updated and innovative solutions to their printing environment needs.   

When Old Tech Fails the Test

The Macon County Schools IT department was stretched thin, dealing with copiers that needed constant attention, as well as a supply chain shortage that made it nearly impossible to get needed replacement parts in a timely manner. The equipment software did not meet current security standards, and whenever a staffer tried to call customer service to troubleshoot an issue, they were transferred to an overseas call center that would have them wait 30 minutes before a technician could be dispatched onsite.

To make matters worse, the obsolete printer fleet consisted of 24 model types from multiple manufacturers, with varying print quality levels, and each requiring its own unique toner cartridge. As you can imagine, keeping track of print-related costs and supplies for this disparate technology was extremely challenging. 

A+ Results with Sharp

Sharp answered the call for help and began by conducting a print environment assessment across Macon County District’s 11 schools. Sharp specialists also met with key stakeholders to ensure the Managed Print Services (MPS) program for ongoing fleet management and support not only met, but exceeded, the district’s desired outcomes to resolve any tech issues quickly and streamline the supply chain process.

The solution also involved a complete equipment overhaul resulting in Sharp supplying the school district with 80 MFPs and 53 printers to match output volume needs and create consistent results. The Sharp team also replaced the old print management software with PaperCut, which provides deeper printing usage reports and magnified security features such as user authentication and Find-Me printing for easy tap and release of print jobs at a device nearby.

Armed with a refreshed printing environment and Sharp’s highly efficient supply chain, Macon County School District teachers and administrators are now receiving fast, reliable, and knowledgeable service without delay. There is greater control over operating costs, services and supplies. Using data-driven insight from PaperCut reporting, faculty are now printing more conscientiously and keeping sustainability top of mind. Additionally, an RFID card system is now in place to authenticate employee access to MFPs and printers, further protecting valuable and sensitive student information.

Already equipped with a strong legacy of providing high-quality education, the Macon County School District now has a stellar technology system to match. As a result, it’s safe to say Sharp passed the assignment with flying colors. For more information, check out the full case study here.


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