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Taking a Security-First Approach to Print

Taking a Security-First Approach to Print

Cybersecurity is an ongoing concern and focus for businesses, and as a result, the security landscape has been evolving at an exponential pace. Organizations often take essential security measures to protect endpoints traditionally thought to be more at risk of cyber threats, like laptops and PCs. However, print devices are often overlooked when developing cybersecurity protocols, which makes them a prime target for hackers.

A 2023 study found that 68% of organizations in the United States and Europe experienced data loss due to unsecure printing. Modern multi-functional printers (MFPs) offer a wide array of advanced productivity features to keep employees engaged and connect them to various business applications. Given their strategic importance in today’s workplace, how can we ensure MFPs have proper security measures in place so that they avoid becoming weak points that open doors to bad actors? Following are some steps Sharp has taken to address this:

Security-First, Always

As hackers constantly evolve their methods of attack, MFP manufacturers need to continuously tailor proactive defenses through security-first features for MFPs. For instance, Sharp addresses security concerns by providing a suite of integrated features including password management, intrusion detection, firmware attack prevention, optional virus detection with Bitdefender and much more. 

Protect and Detect

An essential approach to preventing cyberattacks is to both protect and detect with event monitoring. For instance, detailed system logs and key event notifications, such as admin logins, password changes, firmware updates and more can be monitored through SIEM, a Security Information and Event Management platform, which collects and analyzes information against an entire ecosystem of threat intelligence feeds. Print devices do not typically offer a direct connection to a SIEM solution. However, through a new strategic collaboration with ConnectWise that elevates security features through a managed Print Security Service, Sharp devices can now be monitored through a SIEM solution.

“SOC” Guardians

Cyber criminals do not work the regular 9-to-5, so your print device security team should be always on. For this reason, Sharp’s team of cyber and security experts work 24/7, 365 days a year at the Security Operations Center (SOC). When a potential threat is detected, SOC is notified to take immediate action. They act as guardians for an organization’s team and are constantly on the lookout for cybersecurity risks. If a threat is flagged, SOC will contact a business directly to provide clear feedback regarding security risks and share specific recommendations for remediation. This service can easily be extended to a corporate wide SIEM system to protect all endpoint devices.


It is crucial to protect your MFP from cybersecurity attacks, especially as hackers become more agile in today’s digital workplace. Sharp’s focus on security and collaboration with ConnectWise offers users an exclusive print security service that is an added layer of protection for businesses to detect threats and protect confidential information.  Learn more about Sharp’s print security solutions


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