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Don’t Let the Summer Sun Blind You from Cybersecurity Threats
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Don’t Let the Summer Sun Blind You from Cybersecurity Threats

Summer is nearly here, which means more time for vacations and traveling. With remote and hybrid work, many individuals will be taking calls, answering emails or collaborating with teams while on the go. Although working where you want may be convenient for your personal or business travel plans, it's critical to be aware of potential cyber threats when using devices both en route and at your destination.

A recent article by Cybercrime Magazine predicted that global cybercrime costs will increase by 15% per year, amounting to $10.5 trillion annually by 2025. Here are some tips on how you can make sure to protect your data – and that of your organization – from potential cybersecurity breaches.

Private only, please 

Whether you’re traveling for business or for personal reasons, you should be mindful of the Wi-Fi network that you are using. Many airports, hotels, restaurants and cafes offer free internet access; however, these public networks are a target for hackers. Any activities you do on these networks are vulnerable to bad actors who have intentions of stealing data or login credentials. From viewing confidential documents to online shopping, activities you do while on public Wi-Fi open the door for cybercriminals to implement malware or hijack devices, putting personal or business information at risk. 

To keep your devices secure, consider connecting your laptop to your mobile device’s hotspot and turn off the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth auto-connectivity. Additionally, it is a best practice to keep your devices updated to ensure they have the latest security software installed to defend against bad actors.

Avoid mixing work with personal

When traveling or working remote, it can be tempting to check your business email from your personal device (or vice versa). Mixing personal and work data can be risky and potentially breach secure information, especially due to the fact that personal devices lack the IT infrastructure of a business laptop or mobile phone. Operating on a dedicated business laptop, such as a Dynabook laptop, will ensure that you have the proper hardware and software security features in place to create a safe and productive workspace anywhere. Not only are these products secure, but they are also made for performance, durability and mobility to keep productivity high while working remotely.

Don’t drink the “juice”

The Federal Communications Commission has recently alerted the public of a new way that hackers are tapping into people’s personal or business data: “Juice Jacking.” Public USB or charging stations in airports or hotel lobbies are targets for cybercriminals to insert malware or gather personal information and pass it along to bad actors. To avoid juice jacking, do not use public or hotel USB ports, charging stations, and public charging wires. Juice your devices by using wall outlets and consider carrying a portable charger with you while traveling to reduce the threat of a potential attack. 

With the influx of travel during the summer months, it’s important to be aware of potential cybersecurity threats while working remotely. Staying educated on hacking trends and ensuring that you have secure, updated devices can save you and your organization from a potential data breach.

Have more questions about keeping your business network secure, contact a cybersecurity professional to get an expert technology review.


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