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Help Create a Cleaner, Greener Planet with the Right Office Equipment

Help Create a Cleaner, Greener Planet with the Right Office Equipment

There are only nine years left until the target date for achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. For the Earth, that’s like a nanosecond of a geologic era, so it’s crucial we do our part for our planet now if we haven’t already. From our home office environment to shared workspaces, there are many ways we can minimize our carbon footprint. In honor of Earth Day, here are some ways that you can help make a difference with your office equipment to create a cleaner, greener planet.

Make ENERGY STAR® your North Star.

If you are upgrading your home or office technology, make sure that the products are ENERGY STAR certified. This label was introduced to help users make informed decisions on purchasing products that reduce pollutants and offer extra savings on energy bills. Keep an eye out next time you are purchasing a product for the ENERGY STAR certification.

Repeat the EPEAT.

There is also a third-party rating system called the Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT), which continually verifies a manufacturer’s environmental claims. You can use these standards to make better choices each time you purchase an office product, ensuring that it contributes to environmental sustainability.

Pull back the curtain on packaging and recycling practices.

Try to do your research on your equipment manufacturers and dealers so that you’re aware of whether they are implementing sustainable practices in their operations. Are they designing and packaging their products in an eco-friendly manner? Are they using recycled materials and plant-based paints when possible? You should also check that the parts they make are easy to recycle at the end of use.

Our Earth is not disposable, so your toner cartridges shouldn’t be either.

Before you run out of toner, make sure you have a plan for disposing the toner cartridges. Check with your office equipment manufacturers to see if they have a toner recycling program that would make it easy to ship cartridges, bottles, toner containers and drum units. For bulk recycling, you can inquire about recycling kits, including pre-labeled shipping containers, bags to line the carton and zip ties to close prior to shipping. This can help ensure you are sending net zero waste to landfills. However, we know that while sending items in bulk is more sustainable and reduces the energy expended, it is not always possible for small businesses or individuals. As an alternative solution, you can inquire with retailers like Staples to see if you can drop off toner cartridges and other accessories for recycling at your nearest store.

Next time you are recycling a toner cartridge or purchasing an ENERGY STAR-certified product, remember that you are contributing to a more sustainable, brighter future for our planet! To learn more about what we’re doing at Sharp to implement environmental sustainable practices, download our Environmental Initiatives Guide.


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