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PaperCut MF for Ambulatory Care

PaperCut MF for Ambulatory Care

Security, compliance and efficiency

Ambulatory care healthcare professionals have to be flexible and adapt quickly, because their primary goal — patient care — is more than just a service. As a medical professional, you need the right technology to ensure your print infrastructure can keep up.

Ambulatory care has brought added convenience and improved patient care outside of the hospital. At the height of the pandemic, certain patient treatments were postponed, severely straining ambulatory operations and revenue. As behavioral and clinical facilities work to restore patient volume and recover their ambulatory operations, they have an opportunity to reposition for continued growth, especially as patients are more comfortable with telemedicine, virtual visits and acute care in the home.

Not only is technology necessary to support continued growth, it also helps with everyday responsibilities such as the management of multiple sites, transfer of information, regulatory compliance and ever-shifting CDC mandates.


  • When restrictions on elective surgeries and checkups were lifted, an immediate surge of appointments overwhelmed every department

  • Forced to do more with less; nurses and aids were understaffed even before the pandemic and now many are retiring early due to workplace stress

  • Transferring sensitive Patient Health Information (PHI) offsite, which is then printed through EMR (Electronic Medical Record) systems

  • Managing printing environments at multiple sites

  • Monitoring, auditing and reporting capabilities necessary to increase transparency without straining resources

  • Supporting a new care model and meeting the printing needs of mobile healthcare professionals


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