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School Districts in the U.S. Enhance Collaboration with Upgraded Tech

School Districts in the U.S. Enhance Collaboration with Upgraded Tech


If we had to select a positive outcome from the disruption that schools and students had to face from the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s that there has been a renaissance in classroom technology upgrades. And they’re here to stay! A recent Forbes article noted that having the right hybrid learning technology in place is a critical solution that can allow students to collaborate and feel connected remotely.

Sharp has a long record of providing customized technology solutions to educational institutions. Recent examples that stand out are the work with the Penn Hills School District and the West Allegheny School District, both located near Pittsburgh, PA, as well as the Orange Unified School District in Orange, CA. They all shared a common challenge: dealing with outdated devices while seeking simple, easy-to-use solutions to streamline their curriculum in a hybrid environment. However, once Sharp came in, there was a noticeable transformation in how students were able to learn and collaborate. Here are a few solutions that any school district should consider when upgrading their technology for the remote environment.

Implement interactive displays

For a while now, educators have been saying goodbye to chalkboards and whiteboards, and hello to interactive displays – and this just accelerated during the pandemic. Both the Penn Hills and West Allegheny School Districts were outfitted with Sharp’s AQUOS BOARD Interactive Displays that immediately impressed staff and created a more engaging environment for students.

Interactive displays offer flexible installation, making them ideal for a variety of classroom layouts. Additionally, they connect easily to laptops so that teachers can showcase content wirelessly. Sharp displays also feature eShare capability, a wireless casting collaboration app that allows users to mirror the display with their laptop or other device. Because of these features, teachers can easily move throughout the room during lessons and use their own devices to remotely operate the display.

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Upgrade learning with laptops

Even while working with interactive displays, teachers need dependable laptops that allows them to work efficiently from anywhere. Educators in the Penn Hills School District received Dynabook laptops with a docking station for their classroom that made it simple for them to plug in just one cable to start the school day. What’s important for educators to consider is finding a laptop with built-in quality, reliability and durability.

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The Orange Unified School District also brought in Dynabook laptops, deploying 16,000 devices to students within 60 days. Features such as high-quality webcams and voice cancellation keep students communicating and immersed in the lesson, both inside and outside of the classroom. IT professionals were able to easily connect the laptops to their cloud management system and implement applications for students to utilize in order to complete assignments and have fun while they were doing so.

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We’re definitely seeing more students and teachers in school districts across the nation find creative ways to leverage hybrid technology in the classroom, allowing them to collaborate and work together from anywhere. Solutions from providers like Sharp are reimagining the education system and tailoring processes to provide greater opportunities for growth for their students and faculty. For more information on classroom hybrid technology with reliability and durability, check out Sharp’s AQUOS BOARD Interactive Displays and Dynabook line of laptops.


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