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Three Benefits of Incorporating Technology In the Classroom
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Three Benefits of Incorporating Technology In the Classroom

The education environment is more dynamic than ever before, and as a result, today’s students are learning in a way that’s very different from how our educational system was originally designed.

Educational technology helps today’s teachers to integrate new tools into their classroom. Teachers are able to upgrade and improve the learning in their classroom that enables them to engage their students in unique and innovative ways. Teachers are also able to expand their network and connect with other teachers and educators nationally and globally.

There is no secret that the incoming generation thrives more on technology. Whether that is through gamified learning, such as Kahoot, teaching students how to build their own web pages, work with multimedia presentations or go on a virtual field trip, educators constantly need to think of new ways to engage the current student population.

While there are emerging tech tools that are bringing specific solutions to the classroom, social tools that are already on most students’ phones are also a great place to start. Starting with familiar modes of digital communication can make the transition to a tech-friendly classroom easier for both the student and instructor.

The general use of these types of technology will only grow as time passes, so there is a need to build digital literacy into the classroom as early as possible. Students will need to learn from an early age how to communicate effectively online in both a professional and social environment. Students who learn through technology can create a set of skills that will help them throughout their own future careers.

Let’s dive into three ways in which technology impacts the classroom and its implications for the future of education.

Helps Connect Students to the Real World

Educators can take their classes out of the classroom without ever leaving the classroom! Take a field trip like never before with 360-degree virtual tours. Teachers can take their classes through the halls of the White House, down a virtual hike of the Grand Canyon or even a virtual tour through the Amazon Robotics Fulfillment Center!  Technology allows educators to remove the physical barriers of the classroom, offering students a way to connect the curriculum with the real world and truly enrich the student experience. No permission slips needed!

Prepares Students for the Future

To thrive in the 21st-century workplace, students need to have more than a working knowledge of certain technological tools, such as collaborating with computers and web pages, social platforms, interactive displays, etc. By integrating these technologies into the regular curriculum and on-going activities, institutions are ensuring that their students are better prepared for the modern office.

Boosts Collaboration

An engaging learning environment requires a lot of collaboration. Technology is a great way to promote and facilitate discussion among students. They’ll interact with each other through technology and discuss different ways they can collaborate and learn together. For example, video conferencing tools such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams provides an easy way for students to hold virtual meetings with classmates from anywhere in the world. With online cloud storage solutions, students can easily share and edit projects with each other, helping to foster better overall collaboration in both the academic sphere and the world of work.

Technology is everywhere, which is why it’s important that it plays a part in students’ current learning environment. Using technology when teaching will help students to become more familiar with common programs that they will use in their future careers. The future of our education system and our workforce as a whole depends on forward-thinking educators and administrators to be the trailblazers that usher in this necessary change.


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