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Army Athletics Combats Old IT Network with New, Enhanced Infrastructure
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Army Athletics Combats Old IT Network with New, Enhanced Infrastructure

You might only see the action on the playing field, but behind the scenes, it takes a lot of technology to support college athletics. Today, schools and their athletes need to stay ahead of the competition more than ever by incorporating collaborative digital tools for everything from personalized training apps to video capabilities for reviewing plays and archival footage. It’s no exception for Army Athletics of West Point, the oldest of the five American service academies educating cadets for commissioning into the United States Army.

Battle for Network Reliability

Located on the western bank of the Hudson River, which is a structurally challenging service area to cover, historic West Point is home to 15 men's and nine women's teams in the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). When the Army Athletics Association (AAA) recognized gaps within their current IT infrastructure, including security missteps and low network speeds, they knew it was time to lean on an expert for help. Their information technology system began producing flaws, as off-the shelf switches and routers no longer had bandwidth to support the streaming needs of their growing number of media visitors.

The setup was also costly and feeble, so the AAA needed to  develop a more efficient, secure, budget-friendly option. With sporting events taking place constantly around campus, a strong, dependable and flexible IT setup was crucial. It was also pivotal that their system run smoothly in order to support hundreds of users such as media, coaches, players and administrative personnel. 

Technology Safety Scores a Touchdown

Sharp articulated an in-depth evaluation of Army Athletics’ current infrastructure and revamped the technology to operate with higher security, increased functionality, and pliability. Sharp  connected all of the buildings and stadiums/fields into one network to ensure seamless streaming and internet access with upgraded information safety capabilities. The AAA could rest assured that the new infrastructure would house its important information cautiously and adeptly.

Game-Ready Results

 The new information system ensures that players, fans, and media alike can enjoy Army Athletics games at the highest functionality. It provided an immediate increase in efficiency and virtually eliminated downtime. As a result, for the first time Army Athletics coaches have on-field internet access, as well as on the sidelines and in practice, while the media can broadcast from any campus location. Already equipped with a strong history in their athletics program, the Black Knights now have a stellar information technology system to match. For more information, check out the full case study here.



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