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5 Ways New MFPs from Sharp Support Hybrid Workstyles
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5 Ways New MFPs from Sharp Support Hybrid Workstyles


Hybrid workstyles have driven the need for secure access to the cloud for all technology used in the workplace. As a result, you are no longer tethered to your desktop, and neither are your files! Meet the new Advanced and Essentials Series workgroup multifunction printers (MFPs) from Sharp. They provide seamless and secure access to enterprise workflows from wherever you are working.

These new MFPs check all the boxes when it comes to today’s diverse workstyles. For example:

The need to print files from the cloud

Access data from your cloud-based services from any company location using virtually any of your devices. You can easily scan and print data from your Teams folders using a native Microsoft Teams connector or connect to other popular cloud services without any middleware. Also, the Synappx Go app enables contactless print and scan operation to align with the new demands of hybrid working.

The need to keep your network and information secure

Our new MFPs add to the strengths of previous models with new security and compliance features that can update automatically to protect the device and the data it processes. Authentication at the MFP ensures that your sensitive data and documents are safeguarded. These smart devices help you to stay compliant with data protection regulations such as GDPR. Your IT team will be happy to know that support is available for security information and event management (SIEM), as well as available anti-malware tools – making it easier to secure these devices.

The need to ease burdens on the IT department, not add to them

Our new MFP product line supports the latest network security standards (i.e., TLS1.3, SMBv3.1.1) and pre-installs root certificates. It also offers BIOS-based security that prevents the device from starting if errors are found. Automatic remote firmware updates help ensure all software is compliant with the latest releases, easing the burden on your IT team.

The need to meet sustainability regulations

Innovative technology in our new range of MFPs ensures that they meet – and often exceed - national energy conservation regulations. They offer comprehensive eco-promotion functions, improved waste management and an extended PM cycle. All the devices in the new range meet Energy Star 3.0, Blue Angel standards, as well as meet EPEAT gold standards. These devices also meet the requirements of ISO14001 regarding the use of plastics, waste products and energy consumption.

The need to reduce your carbon footprint

Sharp has applied the principles of the circular economy to the production of our new MFPs to minimize their carbon footprint and to maximize the recyclability of components. We eliminated harmful materials in operational processes and extended the life of key component parts to reduce the number of service visits.

Sharp MFPs are designed to fit todays hybrid workstyles by offering intelligent features and connectivity that allow office workers to collaborate remotely. To learn more about our new Advanced and Essentials Series MFPs, see the press release and video.


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