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7 Ways Small Businesses Can Help Prevent a Cybersecurity Attack
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7 Ways Small Businesses Can Help Prevent a Cybersecurity Attack

It’s estimated that by 2021, businesses will fall victim to ransomware every 11 seconds and cyberattacks will cost them more than $6 trillion annually – Cybersecurity Ventures. This threat has only become increasingly dangerous as many businesses are relying on remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic and many do not have proper safety precautions in place. Small businesses are particularly susceptible, accounting for nearly half of all cyberattacks. Our recent study of 250 North American SMBs with Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) found that almost half of small businesses surveyed reported not just one, but multiple serious cybersecurity incidents over the past year.

There are several steps businesses can take to help ensure their network and all connected devices are secure. We’ve compiled a list of seven tips to help prevent your business from falling victim to cybersecurity threats:

  1. Security Incident & Event Management
    Review all event and security logs from all covered devices to uncover any suspicious activity and protect against advanced threats.
  2. Web Gateway Security
    Internet security is a race against time. Establish a cloud-based, multi-layered cybersecurity plan that detects web and email threats as they emerge and blocks them within seconds—before they reach the user.
  3. Encryption
    Whenever possible, the goal is to encrypt files at rest, in motion (think email) and especially on mobile devices.
  4. Advanced Endpoint Detection & Response
    Help avoid data loss with advanced endpoint security. Today’s latest technology protects against file-less and script-based threats.
  5. Dark Web Research
    Knowing in real-time what passwords and accounts have been posted on the Dark Web will allow you to be proactive in preventing a data breach.
  6. Computer Updates
    Keep Microsoft, Adobe, and Java products updated for better security. Automate updates to protect your devices from the latest known attacks.
  7. Security Awareness
    Train your users, and do so often! Teach them about data security, email attacks, the importance of complex passwords and your policies and procedures.

With so much uncertainty in the world today, it is crucial to protect your business from security threats. Following these tips will help ensure your business is protected no matter what comes your way. To learn more, visit




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French florist

Thank you for a very concise summary.

I would add that training is also essential, for all workers, to protect the company from phishing attempts, which are the cause of most ransomware issues companies face.

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