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Choosing the Right Printer for Your Business
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Choosing the Right Printer for Your Business

When it comes to selecting the right printer for your office, whether that’s at home or in an office setting, there are a lot of factors to consider. From cost and size to technology capabilities and color options, there can be a lot that impacts your overall decision. With so many variables, it’s hard to know which to choose. So, what are your options?

Smaller Can be Better

If you’re looking for an office device on the smaller side that handles letter and legal sized documents, you should consider A4 printers and multifunction printers (MFPs). These devices, which come in both color and black and white, offer high printing speeds, allowing you to take advantage of a more efficient workflow process. They are ideal for education and small business environments with more basic printing needs. You may want to consider looking for an A4 model that comes equipped with advanced tech capabilities for both the home office and the workplace. For example, Sharp’s A4 models are supported by Synappx™ Go, a mobile application that allows for fast scanning, printing and copying at a Sharp MFP from your mobile device while you remain mobile.

Working from Home?

If your needs are more compact or focused on the home office, you may want to look specifically into desktop printers. These models require a lower power consumption than other, larger options and provide more confidentiality for an executive office or work-from-home setting. Many desktop printers still come equipped with secure network printing features, allowing you to print with full confidence – whether you’re at home or in an executive office.

Go Bigger for Larger Workgroups

While the A4 models are optimal in a smaller space, an A3 model is ideal if you’re interested in printing larger, ledger-sized documents on a machine designed specifically for busy workgroups and departmental environments, such as architectural firms and production companies that need to produce larger printouts. Many A3 models will also give you the option of printing in color or black and white only, in addition to certain cloud integration technologies depending on the brand you select. Models with cloud or voice control features provide a great way to cut down on traffic in high-touch areas in the office. Since A3s are designed for larger work groups, they will typically offer more finish options (such as a staple feature) and greater speeds, when compared to the A4s.

Every office has specific needs. Whether your priority is sizing or touchless capabilities, there’s a printer that’s right for you.  Sharp has several printer options in all of the categories mentioned above. You can find more information here.


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