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Which Collaboration Display is Right for Your Business or Classroom?

Which Collaboration Display is Right for Your Business or Classroom?

It can be intimidating to choose an interactive display that's right for your organization and knowing what to look for is key to making the right choice.

AQUOS BOARD® collaboration display systems are much more than your typical interactive whiteboards. These displays offer smooth and effortless communication along with high-tech features that keep audiences engaged and involved whether in the classroom or boardroom.

All Sharp AQUOS BOARD models have 4K Ultra-HD resolution, SHARP pen software (for annotation), R232-C and LAN control (for flexibility and remote connection), additional HDMI input and 20-point touchpoints; however, there are a few key differences to consider before choosing which series is right for you. Read on to find out which model is best for you, their unique features for efficiency and how each can address your business’s goals.

The 4W-B Series AQUOS BOARD collaboration displays are ideal for those in a classroom setting, or for small to medium sized businesses looking for a large format display at a value price point. These models come in four sizes ranging from 55” class to 86” class, fitting various needs whether it's teaching a group of students or sharing an important business update with clients or employees. Its built-in applications include a web browser, screen casting and media player as well as compatibility with an 8mm pen tip, all ideal for collaborating and effectively communicating.

For those looking for an AQUOS BOARD collaboration display with a few more bells and whistles, look no further than the PN-LC2 Series. These models appeal to those in classroom and corporate meeting spaces, with applications including screen recording, web browsing, file managing, Synappx Go (for remote operation), and more. This series’ three sizes (65”, 75”, 85”) offer direct drawing functions and the SHARP touch viewer software, making collaboration and presenting a breeze for educators or employees. Additionally, this series features Bluetooth connectivity and aspects ideal for remote meetings including rear facing stereo speakers, integrated high-definition camera and integrated microphone array.

Businesses and areas looking for high performance interactive displays would benefit from the PN-L2B AQUOS BOARD collaboration display series. Like the PN-LC2 series, these models come in three sizes and have comparable capabilities; however, the PN-L2B’s built-in applications include web browser, finder, whiteboard, and Bytello Share, which wirelessly casts information from a device onto the display. This series has a higher amount of memory and internal storage compared to other displays, and is also compatible with Synappx Go, an ideal solution for a workplace looking to facilitate collaboration anytime and anywhere.

Overall, AQUOS BOARD collaboration displays are a true asset to corporate and education environments. They are a tool to both users and viewers, with benefits for productivity, collaboration, presenting, and learning. Check out Sharp’s different models of the AQUOS BOARD collaboration display series here.


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