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PaperCut MF for Acute Care

Acute care is arguably the most time-sensitive, individuallyoriented diagnostic field under the healthcare umbrella. Medical professionals need to help patients with a diverse range of medical issues while also protecting their sensitive information. Technology can be our greatest ally; but if it doesn’t contribute to efficiency, security and time-totreatment, it can be a frustrating obstacle.

High-Volume Color Document Systems

Video Length - 02:53

Sharp offers a full line of document systems to provide customers with the machines best suited for their needs. Our MX-7081 and MX-8081High-Volume Color Document Systems go beyond basic copying, network printing, and color network scanning -- these products include wireless networking and support popular cloud and mobile technologies. 

Technology Solutions That Provide a Helping Hand for Healthcare

Healthcare organizations have faced unprecedented challenges over the last year. In addition to the ever-present tasks of juggling client needs, working within budget restrictions, keeping up with compliance regulations and handling staffing requirements, there have been the unique challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic — intake systems that have been overwhelmed, a sudden boom in telehealth, the increased cyber threats brought on by bad actors ready to take advantage of the chaos, and the need to remain compliant with HIPAA and other regulations.

Fortunately, technology has kept up with a rapidly changing world, and there are a variety of solutions designed to meet healthcare’s challenges.

What do some of those solutions look like?

Local government: It’s a tough job, but somebody’s gotta do it… with the right tech, of course


Many of us fondly remember the hit sitcom Parks and Recreation, especially the adorable character Leslie Knope (played by hilarious comedian Amy Poehler), who stopped at nothing to beautify the fictional town of Pawnee, Indiana. And while Leslie persevered and grew in her career, there is another key takeaway from the show that remains applicable six years after it went off the air: serving in local government is an essential – and often thankless – job.

Municipalities work hard to get information to their citizens about events, community programs and safety updates. Local residents may not always see all the work going on behind the curtain, but it’s considerable and usually time sensitive. With all of these responsibilities, figuring out and updating technology can often fall to the bottom of the priority list, despite the need for the right tech to do the job. This is also a space where printing is still very much necessary, as local governments need to constantly produce public documents such as booklets and brochures, sometimes in multiple languages, and frequently on tight budgets. City workers simply can’t afford to have their printers break down or malfunction.

Here are a couple of examples of how local government agencies addressed some of their printing and technology challenges to serve their constituents more effectively.

Understand and Reduce Print Costs - Managed Print Services

Video Length - 01:35

The Windows collaboration display by Sharp (WCD) not only enhances productivity, but your workplace. The WCD is certified to Microsoft conference room standards, enabling a BYOD office environment with easy connections and flexible device sharing. Watch the video to learn more!

Secure Your Print Environment - Managed Print Services

Video Length - 01:14

The importance of network security is generally understood, but what about print security? Did you know copiers and printers are often vulnerable to security risks? In the second half of 2020 alone, two-thirds of organizations experienced data losses due to unsecured printing environments. Watch the video to learn more about securing your print environment.

Simplified Envelope Printing Capability

Video Length - 01:18

When printing envelopes, users often end up with bent envelopes or a jammed printer. Sharp's technology allows for up to 50 envelopes to be added to the standard paper tray without a bypass tray or a need to manually feed each envelope.  Experience on-the-fly adjustment of temperature and pressure, ensuring a consistent and expected output, with no jams! 

Cut Down on IT Help Desk Tickets - Managed Print Services

Video Length - 01:14

The ever-growing pile of help desk tickets for printer issues isn’t going away. In fact, 77% of small and medium-sized businesses said their IT environments have become more complex. Yet, your IT staff is already stretched thin, and the last thing they want to deal with is another stubborn paper jam.  A Managed Print Services provider takes on the management of your entire print environment to provide much more than just a break-fix service.

Why Managing Your Printers is More Important than Ever in a Hybrid Workplace

Wendi Hopewell /

Despite all the talk of the paperless office, over the past decade even more businesses have become aware of the benefits a managed print services (MPS) program can deliver. Printing remains essential, with almost half of companies saying that print will be important through at least 2025. However, due to the COVID-19-induced acceleration of the hybrid workplace combining in-office and work-from-home employees, print deployments are being reevaluated. In the hybrid work environment the proper execution of MPS is more important than ever, as organizations need workers to focus on the real business of the company rather than worry about the management of printers and copiers.

Preview Print Jobs Before They're Released

Video Length - 01:02

Are unclaimed documents stacked next to printers a common sight in your workplace? Sharp printers allow users to preview their document “on screen” before printing to ensure the printout will be correct.  This feature ensures fewer wasted prints or trips to pick up incorrect documents.  Using less paper is good for the environment and ensures that we all do our part to conserve. 

Help Create a Cleaner, Greener Planet with the Right Office Equipment

There are only nine years left until the target date for achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. For the Earth, that’s like a nanosecond of a geologic era, so it’s crucial we do our part for our planet now if we haven’t already. From our home office environment to shared workspaces, there are many ways we can minimize our carbon footprint. In honor of Earth Day, here are some ways that you can help make a difference with your office equipment to create a cleaner, greener planet.

Sharp Provides Cost-Saving Solution to a Swing Set Manufacturer

When a leading swing set manufacturer’s business boomed during the start of COVID-19, the company was challenged with printing enough manuals to meet customer demand. The company turned to printing inhouse with a Sharp black and white printer to save costs and reduce waste.

Have you considered leasing MFPs and copiers for your business? Maybe you should.

Just like leasing a car or a phone, it’s possible, and sometimes more beneficial, to lease office equipment. If your organization is thinking of upgrading an old copier or multifunction printer (MFP), have you considered leasing? While there are benefits of purchasing a new piece of office equipment, you could also be looking at higher upfront fees, costs for replacing and repairing parts, and being stuck using outdated technology with the rapidly evolving pace of innovation.

Where to Purchase Print Hardware for the Home Workforce – Retail Store or Dealership?

The shift to a work-from-home (WFH) model, thought to be merely a stopgap measure back in the spring of 2020, is starting to look more and more permanent, requiring many businesses to make long-term decisions on how best to equip home workers with the tools and hardware needed to do their jobs. Some of those decisions were easy – the procedures for ordering and provisioning additional laptops, for instance, didn’t necessarily change. But what about printing and scanning needs? A workgroup copier will probably not fit in people’s home offices, kitchens, or walk-in closets (yes, home workers with kids attending virtual school, we see you).

BLDD Architects [Success Story]

Video Length - 03:15

At BLDD Architects, printer technology is very important in order to show clients what they can do. Reliability is key for this 90-year-old architectural firm with three offices in Illinois and Iowa. The firm chose Sharp, not only for the quality of their products, but for being passionate and fun to work with.

Sharp's Modern Office

Video Length - 0:58

From creation to finish, the Sharp modern office easily and efficiently allows you to create, scan, annotate, print, copy and email information quickly.

The Kleingers Group [Success Story]

Video Length - 02:22

Design and construction company, The Kleingers Group, supports roughly 250 types of IT equipment for its employees. Sharp's highly reliable multifunction printers (MFP) allow employees to create and print accurate, detailed 11x17 drawings in a short amount of time and scan those drawings back onto the network to be edited.

Northern Virginia Family Service [Success Story]

Video Length - 02:38

Northern Virginia Family Service (NVFS) helps families and individuals in need create stability and self-sufficiency with a wide range of critical services. Sharp's easy to use multifunction printers (MFPs) provide the best amount of good for the least amount of money – allowing NVFS to reduce the total cost of industry for devices by approximately 50 percent.

Printers from Sharp for the Advanced Office

Video Length - 00:40

Check out the four newest additions to our desktop multifunction printer line, which include two monochrome desktop printers and two monochrome desktop copiers.

Lifematters [Success Story]

Video Length - 02:17

Lifematters, an organization that manages caregivers for the elderly, relies on printing and scanning for much of their daily routine. Because it is so important, it is one of those things that just has to work. See how Sharp multifunction printers make this happen.

Cardon & Associates [Success Story]

Video Length - 02:13

Cardon & Associates, a senior living organization, explains how the efficiency of Sharp multifunction printers (MFPs) have freed up resources. This helps allow them to better focus on taking care of what matters, their residents.

Sharp MFP Shorts: OpGuide

Video Length - 00:33

Instruction manual? How about answers from an LCD on your MFP? Your business just got easier!

St. Joseph School [Success Story]

Video Length - 01:54

John Knierim, director of IT from St. Joseph School in Seattle talks about how the school's Sharp multifunction printers "Just work," benefiting the teachers, staff and ultimately the 595 students who attend the school.

Riverbanks Zoo and Garden [Success Story]

Video Length - 01:35

People often say they work at a zoo, but for Eric Davis he actually does! As the system administrator for the Riverbanks Zoo and Garden, Eric helps ensure internal systems run smoothly, enabling the zoo to provide a world-class recreational and educational experience. See how Sharp MFPs and the Sharp AQUOS BOARD® interactive displays are used for their document management and educational activities at the zoo.



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