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When Bigger is Better

When Bigger is Better

Exploring the mesmerizing visual experience that is 8K


For some businesses, having a 120” 8K resolution display isn’t just about going bigger and bolder. It’s about providing the clearest image available to do their jobs more effectively. As an example, Sharp’s 120" Class (diagonal) 8M-B120C 8K Ultra-HD Professional LCD display brings unparalleled image detail. And it’s no big stretch to say that 8K Ultra-HD (7,680 x 4,320-pixels) is the ultimate in imaging quality, providing an exponential boost in image detail with 4 times the resolution of 4K Ultra-HD and 16 times the resolution of Full-HD.

However, 8K lends itself to certain industries and applications more than others. So how do you know if 8K is right for you? And what kind of configuration makes the most sense? We’ve got the answers!

The “X-factor” of Image Display

With the rise in eCommerce platforms and online shopping, the need to impress consumers with captivating product visuals is a priority for retail locations to keep business in-store.

This is also true in art galleries or high-end automobile showrooms where the absolute best visual reproduction on a massive scale is needed. Using an 8K display, you can be in New York and view a piece of art located in Paris with incredible realistic quality as if you were standing directly in front of that painting.

In another context, automakers are always looking for new ways to advertise and influence buying decisions. In a study by HR Mars, using visual merchandising can cause a 62% spike in retail sales. When customers walk through the door, what better way to greet them than with an 8K large-screen experience? The sheer size and vibrant content command attention, drive interest and immerse customers in your brand.

8K Display vs. Video Wall

What is the difference between an 8K display and a video wall? A video wall is made up of several smaller displays to make one large wall of screens. The 8K display is a stand-alone display that either mounts to a wall or can be installed on a floor stand. The benefit of the 8K display is a mesmerizing visual experience without the distraction from the bezels (borders) of multiple screens, without sacrificing resolution.

Yup! Size Really Does Matter

Bigger is better when it comes to 8K. On a smaller monitor, your eyes would need to adjust to pixels on the screen and you wouldn’t be able to see such detail. At 120” (120” diagonal), displays like the Sharp 8K mentioned above, pack in 33 million pixels which is four times what you get in a 4K panel. The combination of 8K ultra-high resolution and a jumbo 120-inch panel creates an incredibly immersive effect—putting you right inside the scene.

Precision Like Never Before

It's all about the details. Professionals such as architects, medical imagers or fashion designers have unique needs and want to see the intricate details on a screen to achieve visual performance. 8K allows for details that are inherent in the original subject to be reconstructed so you can see even the slightest details. This enables 4K and full-HD content to be upscaled to look like 8K. You get clear, ultra-high-resolution images and realistic visual expression.

In 8K Ultra-HD, images appear as if they were real and details emerge that could never be seen before.  Between the impressive size and incredible resolution, the Sharp 8M-B120C is an asset to any environment that requires the ultimate in image quality.



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