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Synappx Go for MFP

Configuration Steps

Step 4: Configure and Download Agents

The Downloads page contains the MFP and display agent links. The MFP agent enables mobile scan, print and copy features. An internet protocol (IP) address range is necessary to collect information about Sharp MFPs. The display agent allows users to share content to enabled interactive or display boards; there is no action prior to downloading the display agent.

From the Synappx Go Admin Portal, go to the Downloads tab. [View Image]

Watch the Synappx Configure and Download Agents Tutorial®

  1. Select Synappx Go MFP Agent and click the Click here link.
  2. In the SNMP Configuration window, enter the IP Range Name. If this is not the only address range, select (+) to add another range (up to 15) and complete the same parameters. When all IP range names are entered, check all boxes and select Download Now.
  1. Select Synappx Go Display Agent. There is no configuration prior to downloading.
  2. Select Download to download the display agent software to the admin PC or target PC/server.
    Information about the Synappx Go mobile app is also available on the Downloads tab. The Synappx Go mobile app supports iOS and Android mobile devices.

If installing Synappx Go for Collaboration, download the Synappx Go installer and follow the directions in the wizard.