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Synappx Go for MFP

How It Works

Unlock MFP (Optional)

This section is only applicable if:

  • Your company has locked Sharp MFPs with PaperCut MF or MFP Native Authentication.
  • You or your Admin have registered your ID card number with PaperCut or Native Authentication to unlock the MFPs.
  • Your ID card number has been saved on Synappx Go mobile (either by you or Admin entry).

Under those conditions, a new Unlock button is shown on the Synappx Go mobile home page. To unlock the locked MFP to use Synappx Go mobile features:

  1. Place the mobile in proximity to the RF IDEAS BLE reader and press Unlock.
  2. The mobile automatically transfers your card ID number through the reader to PaperCut or the MFP (local database, AD, LDAP) to validate your identity and confirm the card has a valid ID.
  3. The mobile screens show the status of the confirmation process. Once the card ID is validated by PaperCut or the native MFP database, the MFP is unlocked and the MFP home page is displayed. You can now use the Synappx Go features:
    • Tap the NFC tag first and then select Scan, Print Release, Print Cloud Files or Copy to perform the job OR
    • Select the Synappx Go MFP feature of interest and then tap the NFC after selection.
  4. When finished with MFP remote actions, log out from the front panel or the front panel will time out based on MFP settings.