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Synappx Go for MFP

Configuration Steps

Synappx Go Setup and Configuration Overview

The following instructions are for the Synappx Go standard licensed version.

Also see Synappx Collaboration Hub and Synappx Go – No Login Version.

Step 1: Choose Provider

  • Follow the directions in your welcome email to select Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace as a cloud service provider
  • Follow the procedures in the second welcome email specific to Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace
    • Google Workspace: Configure Synappx Support on the Google Workspace Admin page (requires Google Workspace admin privileges)

Step 2: Log in to the Admin Portal

  • Use Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace credentials
  • Grant Synappx Go app permissions for licensed users (one time only)
  • Microsoft 365: The first administrator requires Azure admin privileges to log in
  • Google Workspace: Custom role creation should be done before login

Step 3: Add and License Workspaces

  • Add or import from Google Workspaces or Microsoft 365
  • License workspaces

Step 4: Configure and Download Agents

  • MFP Agent
    • Set SNMP IP discovery range to find MFPs automatically
    • Download MFP agent software
  • Display Agent: Download display agent software

Step 5: Install Agents

  • MFP Agent
    • Install MFP Agent on PC/server
    • Agent self-registers with Synappx Go cloud using X.509 certificates
    • MFP discovery is automatically done for IP ranges
    • MFP agent and discovered information is visible on the Admin Portal
  • Display Agent
    • Install display Agent on PC/server
    • Agent self-registers with Synappx Go cloud using X.509 certificates
    • Display agent is visible on the Admin Portal
  • System: Agent Updates, Admin Log, System Log, Check In Log (optional)
  • Collaboration Common Installer

Step 6: Associate Devices to Workspaces

  • Connect workspaces with MFPs and/or displays
  • Configure display automatic input switch

Step 7: Associate NFC Tags

  • Use the Synappx Go app to associate NFC tags with MFPs, displays, or check-in

Step 8: Add Users and Allocate Licenses

  • Import Azure AD or Google users and assign licenses
  • Newly licensed users receive emails with app download instructions
  • Optional, add guest users who can access Sharp hardware with your permission

Step 9: Configure Print Release Driver

  • Share configured print driver to users for the Synappx Go MFP agent (print release server)

Windows Defender Firewall Post-Installation Configuration (Optional)

  • Open either or both inbound TC port(s) 9100 and 515 on the MFP agent server by creating rules on the machine's firewall (only necessary if print jobs are not getting to the MFP agent PC)

Automatic Input Switch

  • Configure displays to switch to the display agent input automatically when using Share and to return to the default input when the meeting ends