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Synappx Go for MFP

Check In

Health and safety are a key consideration for organizations. Synappx Go offers Check In to help track employees’ touch points in the workplace.

  • Voluntary check in at common work areas such as break rooms and meeting rooms
  • Check in reports allow administrators to track touch points
  • Administrators must configure NFC tags for check-in.
  • Some mobile phones need to be logged in before tapping the NFC tag.
  • iPhone: If Synappx Go is not open when tapping the NFC tag, select the “Open in Synappx Go" notification to register your check-in. If Synappx Go is open, select the Check In button before tapping the NFC tag.
  • Your workspace location will also be captured automatically when using other Synappx Go features (i.e. scan, print, copy, share).
  1. To check in to a workspace, tap the NFC check-in tag with your mobile phone. You will receive a notification.
  2. iOS: Tap the notification to complete check-in.

    Android: Choose Just Once or Always to complete check-in. Just Once indicates that the Synappx Go check-in notificaiton will appear each time you check in to a workspace. Selecting Always indicates that check-in will complete with the tag tap and you will not see notifications during future check-ins. [View Image]