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Synappx Go for MFP

Synappx Go Features


  • Follow the simple setup wizard--no training required!
  • Create your own scan-to-cloud or email distribution lists right from your phone.
  • Set default scan, print, and copy settings to save time.
  • No Login MFP mode enables scan to email and copy features with no license and limited setup.


  • Tap your phone to scan a file to
    • Yourself (via email)
    • Email distribution lists
    • Popular cloud storage services


  • Walk up to any enabled MFP to release your print jobs and print from cloud storage.
  • Enjoy convenience and privacy.


  • Create contactless copy jobs from your mobile phone and save your favorite copy settings.

Unlock MFPs

  • For MFPs that have been locked by PaperCut MF or Native Authentication, use Synappx Go mobile to unlock the MFP and access Synappx Go scan, copy, and print-related features.

Check In

Health and safety are a key consideration for organizations. Check In helps track employee touch points in the workplace.
  • Tap the Synappx Go NFC tag to check in to common work areas, such as break rooms and meeting rooms.
  • Reports allow administrators to track touch points.

Guest User Support

  • Users from other companies can be licensed as guests and use Synappx Go MFP and display features.

Synappx Go Capabilities