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Synappx Go for Collaboration

What Is Synappx Go for Collaboration?

Synappx Go helps to bridge the gap between in-office and remote employees and makes hosting meetings and sharing content for users and IT administrators easier. Users can enjoy the simplicity of scanning a QR code or tapping the NFC tag to start a meeting, connect automatically to the in-room camera and audio, and instantly to remote and on-site audiences.

The intuitive app allows users to control the web conference and share files from their cloud storage services with all attendees. IT administrators will have peace of mind knowing they can restrict access to the in-room PC and Windows features to prevent a data breach or security incident.

Mobile Experience

  • Tap the NFC tag or scan the QR code to auto-start a scheduled web conference and automatically connect to the in-room camera and audio. (Microsoft 365 Only)
  • Easy access to control the microphone, camera, and screen share functions from the app.
  • Enhance meeting productivity with quick access to files from cloud storage or the meeting invite.
  • Use the trackpad to enable mouse-like use on the display for hands-free control.
  • End the meeting with a simple click to disconnect the web conference session and connection to in-room audio and video.

Laptop Experience

  • Meeting-start options with cast your laptop or launch on display. Consistent user experience with mobile and laptop.
  • Whether it is a scheduled or ad-hoc meeting, connecting all components users need for the meeting with one click.

Launch on Display

By pairing their laptop with the display, users can automatically launch a meeting on a meeting room display and their laptop. The camera and audio on a meeting room display will activate via a web conference started on the in-room PC and help establish instant connections with attendees.  Users will also receive remote controls on a meeting room display from their laptop to help conduct efficient meetings.

Cast Your Laptop

Synappx Go assists users to establish connections with the casting device in a meeting room. When a meeting is started, it also helps auto-launch a scheduled web conference, removing the need to look for a meeting room URL.