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Synappx Meeting FOR ADMIN

Configuration Steps

How to Get Started

Thanks for signing up for Synappx. Get ready to experience productivity wherever you Go!

Here’s what happens next:

  1. The assigned administrator receives an email to choose Google Workspace or Microsoft 365 as a cloud service provider.
  2. After the admin chooses a service provider, a second welcome email will arrive in the admin mailbox with instructions to log in to the Synappx Admin Portal.

Step 1: Choose Provider

After a Synappx account is created for your organization, the assigned administrator will receive an email with a link to select either Microsoft® 365 or Google Workspace as a cloud service provider. This provider defines how Synappx manages the users and calendar within the organization. [View Image - Microsoft 365]

Here’s how:

Select the link to choose your provider. The Synappx service validates the domain with the provider.

  1. If validation fails, you will see an error message. Ensure you selected the correct provider. [View Image]

  2. When the domain is validated, you will receive another welcome email with instructions to log in to the Synappx Admin Portal. Select the link. [View Image]

Synappx Admin Portal

After selecting a provider (Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace), the administrator will receive a second email with a link to the Synappx Admin Portal.

The Synappx Admin Portal is a browser-based platform designed for administrators to manage key components (e.g., licenses, workplaces, users) of Synappx Meeting and Synappx Go. Admins log in with the organization’s Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace account. It is recommended to use the latest version of Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

After the admin selects a cloud service provider in the first Synappx email, a link to the Admin Portal will arrive in a second Synappx welcome email.

Select the link and log in with your Microsoft 365 credentials. At initial login, accept the permission request to allow Synappx apps to access select Microsoft services on behalf of your organization. [View Image]

Before logging in to the Admin Portal, follow the steps described in the second welcome email to allow Synappx to communicate with your Google Workspace instance. This includes registering the Client ID and Application Programming Interface (API) scopes in the Google Workspace Admin Console. The steps from the email are in the procedure below.

  1. Select Google Workspace as your cloud service provider in the initial welcome email.
  2. Upon receiving the second welcome email, follow the instructions to set up your Google Workspace Admin Console to communicate with Synappx.
    1. In any web browser, go to
    2. Select Security. [View Image]
    3. On the Security page, select API Permissions. [View Image]
    4. Select Manage Domain Wide Delegation. [View Image]
    5. Select Add New. [View Image]
    6. In the Client Name field, enter Sharp’s ID number: 116382460935345417066.
    7. Paste the Synappx API Scopes in to the One or More API Scopes field. Then select Authorize. [View Image]

    8. Open the second Synappx welcome email and select Log in to your account or go to to navigate to the Admin Portal.
    9. If you're already logged-in to the Admin Portal, please press F5 and refresh the page.