Synappx Meeting FOR ADMIN

Configuration Steps

Step 3: Log In (First Time) to Admin Portal

  1. Use your Google Workspace or Microsoft 365 credentials to log in to the Synappx Admin Portal on the latest version of Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. [View Image - Microsoft 365] [View Image - Google Workspace]
  2. Microsoft 365

    Check the Consent on behalf of your organization box and select Accept. [View Image]

    Google Workspace

    If the login fails, go to the Google Workspace Admin Console and add the Synappx API scope.
  3. Review the Terms of Use (Synappx Privacy Policy) for Synappx Meeting users (and Synappx Go, if also licensed).
  4. If you have licensed Synappx Meeting and Synappx Go, both options will appear in the pop-up window. Select Synappx Meeting. [View Image]

    The Synappx Meeting Admin Portal homepage will appear. [View Image]