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Synappx Meeting FOR ADMIN

Hardware Installations

Set Up Display for Voice Control (Optional)

Synappx Meeting supports hands-free operation. Using Amazon’s Alexa-enabled speakers, you can control Microsoft Office PowerPoint presentations, SHARP Pen Software, and the display power and inputs. When voice operation is enabled, you also have the option to end the meeting with a voice command. When the meeting is ended, the application disconnects MirrorOp casting and the supported web conference session and closes the Synappx Meeting Assistant. Please follow the steps below to configure the display hardware. For software set up, please go to Step 5: Voice Set Up.

Configure Display Hardware

Set up a static IP address and port on the display device following the procedure in the hardware operation manual. The IP address needs to be reachable from client PCs.

If the username and password are set for the display device web page, they need to be set in the Synappx Admin Portal.

Supported Sharp Displays for Voice Control

The following interactive display models can be controlled using My Sharp skill for Amazon Alexa.

  • PN-L401C
  • PN-L501C
  • PN-L603WA
  • PN-L703WA
  • PN-L705H
  • PN-L803CA
  • PN-L805H
  • PN-L651H
  • PN-L751H
  • PN-L851H
  • PN-HB651H
  • PN-HB751H
  • PN-HB851H
  • PN-HM651H
  • PN-HM751H
  • PN-HM851H
  • The display IP address needs to be static
  • The display IP address should be accessible from the client PCs

For additional voice configurations including enabling Alexa-enabled speakers, My Sharp skill, as well as device settings at Synappx Meeting Admin Portal, please go to the Setting up voice control section.