Synappx Meeting

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Synappx Meeting?

Synappx Meeting can help you start your meetings by automatically connecting key technologies. For more details, please go to What is Synappx Meeting?

Where can I get the Synappx Meeting app?

The Synappx Meeting app is available for download on multiple digital distribution platforms. Please go to the app download section for more details.

Which OS versions are supported?

Synappx Meeting supports Windows, OSX, iOS and Android devices. Please go to Supported Environment section for more details.

I cannot log in to the Synappx Meeting app.

Please check your email address and password. If you still cannot log in, please contact your administrator.

Which conferencing apps does Synappx Meeting support?

Synappx Meeting supports popular web conference services such as Zoom, Webex, GoToMeeting, and Skype. For a full list of supported web conference services, please go to the Supported Environment section.

I cannot connect to an online meeting automatically.

The web conference service that you are trying to use may not be supported by Synappx Meeting. For a full list of supported web conference services, please go to the Supported Environment section.

Screen Casting/Mirroring

What is screen casting/mirroring?

Casting/mirroring refers to connecting your laptop with a wireless casting receiver system that is connected to a large display.

Are there any recommended casting devices?

Please refer to the Supported Environment section for a list of supported casting technologies.

The app cannot connect to a casting device automatically.

The automatic casting is only available in licensed workspaces. Please contact your administrator to make sure your workspace is ready to use with Synappx Meeting.

Voice Control

Which voice services are supported?

Synappx Meeting supports Amazon Alexa.

How can I use voice control?

Once you start a meeting on your PC, you have an option to use voice control. Click on the microphone icon to enable the voice control feature. For more details, please go to the Voice Control section.

What is the skill name for Synappx Meeting?

The skill name for Synappx Meeting is "My Sharp." Please make sure the "My Sharp" skill is enabled within your organization's Amazon account.

Which OS supports voice control?

The voice control feature is supported on Windows PCs. Please make sure Synappx Meeting is installed on your PC. You can use the voice commands once a meeting has started.

Why is the display not responding to voice commands?

Please check the following:

  • The static IP address for the display network card
  • The display network card must be connected to a network that the client PC can reach
  • The display settings must be correct in the Synappx Meeting Admin Portal

Which voice commands are supported?

Please go to Voice Control section for supported voice commands.


What is the shortcut function?

The shortcut function can be configured on your PC or Mac device. It allows for convenient access to your favorite file storage locations and websites. For more details, please go to how to configure shortcuts.

Can I copy shortcuts to other PCs?

You can copy the configured shortcuts. For more details, please go to how to configure shortcuts.

During a Meeting

My meeting list is not displaying.

There are various reasons why your meeting list may not be visible, including a company proxy server issue. Please contact your administrator for troubleshooting.

Which files are available in One Drive from Synappx Meeting?

Synappx Meeting displays recent files.

When will the meeting timer change color?

The meeting timer is teal at the start of each meeting. When it gets closer to the end of scheduled time (10% of time remaining), the meeting timer changes to orange. If the meeting goes over time, the timer changes to red.

I cannot extend the meeting.

Your current workspace is likely booked by another team member. Please note that only meeting organizers can extend the meeting time.

I cannot start an ad hoc meeting.

The workspace you are trying to use is likely booked by another team member. Please note that you can start a meeting in any licensed workspace. If the room is available but still you cannot start a meeting, please contact your administrator.

Error Messages

"Workspace has been reserved."

The workspace is already reserved by other members in your organization.

"The application could not execute the command."

Please make sure the correct version of the targeted application is installed. For supported applications, please go to the Voice Control section.

"User does not have sufficient permissions.”

You do not have the required permissions needed to edit the Outlook calendar. Please contact your administrator.