Synappx Meeting

How It Works

Synappx Meeting Mobile App

Users can start and access meetings on the Synappx Meeting mobile app (available for iOS and Android devices).

Download the app from the Apple® App Store® (iOS) or Google Play store (Android).

Use your Microsoft® 365 or Google Workspace credentials to log in to the Synappx Meeting app.

The chart below highlights feature differences on the mobile app. For more information, see the System Requirements.
Features iOS Android
Start Meeting feature supported feature supported
Auto-Casting feature not supported
(Use AirPlay for device casting)
feature not supported
(Use Google Cast or Miracast for device casting)
Auto-Start Web Conference feature supported
(Require web conf app)
feature supported
(Require web conf app)
Access to Files feature supported feature supported
Meeting Timer feature supported feature supported
Voice Operation feature not supported feature not supported
End Meeting feature supported feature supported


Use your Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace credentials to log in to the Synappx Meeting app.

Meeting List Screen

After you login, you will see a list of your meetings scheduled for the next 8 hours. [View Image]

Start Scheduled Meeting

From the list of meeting, tap the meeting which you want to start. You will be navigated to the Meeting Details screen. After confirmation, tap on the Start Meeting button. The meeting will start, and you will be navigated to the “Meeting Progress” screen, as shown here. [View Image]

Meeting Timer

When the meeting is started, the meeting timer starts counting down the meeting time. The round timer shows the remaining minutes left. When the meeting gets closer to the end (10% remaining time), the progress bar color changes to orange. When the meeting goes over time, the progress bar color will change to red, then the time will be counting up. [View Image]

End Meeting

You can end the time by tapping the End Meeting button. Tap the OK Button to end and tap CANCEL Button to continue the meeting. [View Image]


While using Synappx Meeting, the app prevents your phone from entering sleep mode to ensure access to key features like files and the meeting timer. The sleep default setting can be disabled in the app settings. [View Image]

Under settings you can also enable Synappx to update the calendar for ad hoc and scheduled meetings. This allows you to free the meeting room if the meeting ends early.