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Synappx mDesk

How It Works

Get the mDesk Experience

mDesk uses the Synappx Meeting experience to allow you to start meetings at home. Your Synappx Go license harnesses the power of mDesk. The Synappx Admin Portal will be updated to accommodate the mDesk features for IT administrators.

How Can the Synappx mDesk Experience Support Your Organization?

The Synappx mDesk experience simplifies web conferences in your virtual workspace, providing you with all the benefits of Synappx Meeting right from your home! The mDesk experience helps organizations maintain real-time collaboration with their remote and on-site workforce.


Synappx mDesk lets you start meetings from your laptop or mobile device.

  • Switch from Office to Home mode for efficiency in the hybrid meeting environment
  • Auto-start web conference sessions with Zoom, WebEx®, Microsoft® Teams, Google Meet, GoToMeeting, and more
  • Start ad hoc meetings with Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, or Zoom
  • Enjoy convenient access to meeting attachments and cloud storage
  • Track meeting progress with the Synappx Meeting Timer

*When the web conference is started with its client application. Auto-meeting end using web browser-based meetings are not supported.

The Synappx Admin Portal will be updated with the mDesk features for IT administrators.


Start by downloading Synappx Meeting and installing it on your devices. The app is available from The Microsoft® Store, Apple® App Store®, and Google Play store.

Log in with your Microsoft® 365 or Google Workspace credentials.
The Synappx Meeting Launcher will open with a list of meetings scheduled for the day.

Synappx Meeting and mDesk Experience

Feature Comparison Chart
Features Meeting Room
(licensed workspace only)
(with Synappx Go license)
Desktop App Mobile App Desktop App Mobile App
Auto-Start Casting/Mirroring Yes No No No
Voice Control Yes No No No
Auto-Start Web Conference Yes Yes Yes Yes
Access to Attachments Yes Yes Yes Yes
Access to Cloud Storage Yes Yes Yes Yes
Meeting Timer Yes Yes Yes Yes
Shortcuts Yes No Yes No
Update Calendar with End Time Yes Yes No No
Extend Meeting Time Yes Yes No No
Upload Meeting Materials Yes No No No
End Meeting Reminder Yes Yes Yes Yes
Start Meeting Countdown Yes No Yes No
Start Scheduled Meeting Yes Yes Yes Yes
Start Ad Hoc Meeting Yes Yes Yes Yes