Synappx Meeting FOR ADMIN

Configuration Steps

Step 6: Configure Workspaces

Configure display devices in each workspace for casting and optional voice control. If a workspace has multiple displays or display devices, automatic input switch is an additional configuration option.

Register Devices

Once a workspace is licensed, register devices for auto-casting and voice control (optional). Up to four casting and display devices can be configured per workspace.

Select a workspace on the Workspaces page. The workspace configuration page will appear. [View Image]

The workspace configuration page contains the following sub-sections:

Casting/Mirroring: Select Configure to set up casting/mirroring receiver information (e.g., IP address, receiver PC name). This enables automatic casting when a user starts a meeting in the workspace. Up to four casting receivers can be added. The input connection for the receiver is also defined here for automatic input switch. Select + to add more devices.

Audio: Select Configure to set up Bluetooth audio device information (e.g., unique device address, device name). This enables an automatic connection to a Bluetooth audio device when a user starts a meeting in the workspace.

Voice and Display (Optional): Select Configure to set up voice commands for the workspace. Once voice is enabled, register the Alexa-enabled smart speaker to the workspace. For more details, go to Register Display for Voice Control.

Registration is necessary to enable auto-casting when a meeting starts.

  1. Select the workspace.
  2. In the Casting/Mirroring section of the workspace screen, select Configure. The Cast Device Information screen will appear. 

    The Casting Receiver section includes:

    • The casting receiver Type
    • Receiver Device Name
    • Receiver IP Address
    • Display Input
    • Notes

  3. Choose a receiver application. For wePresent devices, the sender app must be MirrorOp.

    The receiver application section includes:

    • The casting receiver Type
    • Display Input
    • Notes

  4. Barco's MirrorOp or ClickShare
    • Enter the static IP address of the receiver and add a PIN (personal identification number) if a static IP is used, a PIN is required.
    • Set the Display Input for auto-input switching (optional). Synappx Meeting will switch the display's input to the selected setting. When users cast their PC using Synappx Meeting, the input will change automatically and will not require the user to change the input on the display device.

    Miracast or Google Cast
    • Enter the receiver PC name and PIN (when a static PIN is used). The PC name* can be obtained or changed at the receiver device.
    • Set the Display Input for auto-input switching (optional). Synappx Meeting will switch the display's input to the selected setting. When users cast their PC using Synappx Meeting, the input will change automatically and will not require the user to change the input on the display device.  
    • Select OK to save the settings.
    *For Windows 10 Shuttle PCs, go to Settings > Projecting to this PC to obtain the PC name.
  5. Select OK  to save the settings.

Up to four devices can be registered to a workspace.

Configure display information under Display. This enables auto-input switching and selecting desired display devices when multiple devices are registered in a workspace. Enter the relevant information. [View Image]

Manually Enter Information for Newly Registered Device

Although Synappx Go supports RS-232C connectivity, Synappx Meeting only supports LAN communication for display control.

  • Display Name identifies the display device. This information allows users to select a display device when they cast their PC.
  • IP Address is a static IP address for the display network card. The display network card must be connected to the LAN to receive commands for input change.
  • Port is a port number used for communication. The default is 10008. The value needs to match the value set on the display device.
  • User Name and Password corresponds to the username and password for the display device to gain permission to switch inputs and control power on/off with voice commands. The password value is masked and encrypted. [View Image]
Add Display Device Registered with Synappx Go

If you subscribe to Synappx Meeting and Synappx Go, display device information registered with Synappx Go can be populated automatically.

  1. Select the search icon . Available displays will be listed.
  2. Select the target display. The device information will auto-fill.

Manually Enter Information for Newly Registered Device
When the meeting is ended, you have an option to set automatically change the device input to the default input so that you can deliver consistent user experience with the display device. Under the Cast and Display Information, go to Device Input under the Display settings. Select desirable input value for the device.

There is an option to map a Bluetooth speaker/microphone for the auto-connect audio experience.

  1. Select a workspace from the Workspaces page.
  2. In the audio section, select Configure.
  3. Select + to add a device. The Add Audio Device dialog box will open.
  4. Enter the required information and select OK. If you do not know the device address, go to the next section, Bluetooth Device Address. [View Image]

Bluetooth Device Address
The device address is used as a unique identifier preventing users from connecting another audio device with the same name.

To identify the audio device address:

  1. Connect the audio device to a Windows PC.
  2. Go to Settings > Devices and Printers. [View Image]
  3. Right-click the device to open Properties. The device address will display as the Unique Identifier. [View Image]
Tested Speakers
  • Jabra Speak Series
  • Logitech® Connect
  • Yamaha®
    • YVC-200
    • YVC-330
    • YVC-1000
  • Poly Calisto 7200
  • Avaya B109

Voice control registration is necessary to control the display (i.e., power on/off and input change) with voice commands.

  1. Select the workspace.
  2. Go to Voice and Display.  [View Image]
  3. Select the voice control toggle Voice Control Toggle. The teal color enables the registered device.
  4. Select Edit under Display Details. A setup window will open.
  5. Enter the static IP address of the display network card and the port number to use for voice communication, or if the device is already registered for Synappx Go share, select the search icon to choose a target display device from the search results, and the information will be auto-filled.
  6. Select OK  to save the settings.