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Synappx Meeting FOR ADMIN

Configuration Steps

Step 7: Voice Setup (Optional)

Synappx Meeting supports hands-free operation. Using Amazon's Alexa-enabled devices, you can control PowerPoint presentations, SHARP Pen Software, and display power and inputs. You can also end the meeting with a voice command. Synappx Meeting will stop casting, end the web conference session, and close the Synappx Meeting Assistant.

Configuration Steps:

  1. Enable voice for the target workspace in the Synappx Meeting Admin Portal.
    1. From the Workspaces page, select the target workspace.
    2. Register the display for voice control by selecting the toggleVoice Control Toggle(teal color indicates voice control is enabled).
  2. Connect an Alexa-enabled device to the internet. Enable the "My Sharp" skill for Amazon Alexa with the organization's Amazon account.
  3. Enable the “My Sharp” skill for Amazon Alexa with the organization's Amazon account.
  4. Open the Synappx Meeting application on a Windows PC.
  5. Start an ad hoc meeting by selecting Meet Now and the target meeting workspace (workspaces need to be registered and licensed prior to completing this step).
  6. Select the voice icon (microphone) on the Synappx Meeting Assistant. The device registration screen will open.
  7. Register the device by stating the pairing PIN. Upon successful pairing, the Alexa-enabled speaker is mapped to the target workspace. Repeat for each workspace. [View Image]
    Once the device is mapped, users can select the voice icon to use voice control during the meeting. (Voice operation is only available when the meeting is started with Synappx Meeting.)
Device registration dialog:

Admin: Alexa, ask MySharp to register device.

Alexa: To register the device, say pin number.

Admin: 563522 (a unique pin will be given per session)

Alexa: The device is registered.


To disconnect the Alexa-enabled device from the room, say  "Alexa, open My Sharp to unregister the device."  For a full list of voice commands, go to the Voice Control page.