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How It Works

Starting a Scheduled Meeting

You can start a meeting by double-tapping the meeting, selecting the meeting and selecting Start, or selecting start from the five-minute countdown timer.

Please note the following prerequisites:
  • Scheduled meeting is in your calendar (Outlook or Google Workspace).
  • One of the following casting/mirroring sender applications is installed:
  • PC is connected to a corporate network

When you start a scheduled meeting, the following actions occur automatically:

  1. The Synappx Meeting Assistant opens with meeting attachments.
  2. The casting application (ClickShare, MirrorOp, Google Cast, or Miracast with Synappx Meeting Cast Assist) launches (depends on administrator settings, PIN may be required to connect).
  3. The scheduled web conference begins (if web conference information is included in the meeting invite).
  4. The meeting timer begins counting down.

If the workspace is not licensed, the start button will be gray and disabled.

Synappx Meeting supports various meeting and collaboration environments.

Multiple Workspaces

When a meeting is scheduled with multiple workspaces, Synappx Meeting will ask which workspace you are joining the meeting from. Then you will see an option to connect to devices in the workspace.

Multiple Devices

Synappx Meeting supports up to four devices per workspace. Once devices are configured by your administrator, you will see an option to select a display. Synappx Meeting will help connect your laptop to the display. [View Image]

To use automatic screen casting with Google Cast:

  • Your PC must have the chromium-based Edge browser installed
  • An administrator must configure the casting receiver to use Google Cast/Chromecast.
  1. Start a meeting with the Synappx Meeting Launcher. The Synappx Meeting Assistant and Synappx Chromecast sender app (based on the chromium-based Edge browser) will launch automatically.
  2. Click the "play" button. Synappx Meeting automatically searches for and connects to the configured Chromecast device in a meeting room.
  3. Select Cast desktop from Sources.
  4. Select your Chromecast device.
  5. Select your PC screen. Then select Share.
End Screen Casting

End the meeting and disconnect casting by selecting the Synappx Meeting End button.


  1. Select the "stop" button.
  2. Select your Chromecast device.

Automatic screen casting with Miracast is available when Synappx Meeting Cast Assist installed and an administrator configures the casting receiver to use Miracast.

  1. Start a meeting with Synappx Meeting. The Synappx Meeting Assistant and Synappx Meeting Cast Assist app will launch automatically.
  2. Enter the PIN when requested to start casting.
  3. End the meeting and disconnect casting by selecting the End button.

If you have the Synappx mDesk Experience (available with a Synappx Go license) and Synappx Meeting enabled in the workspace, you will see an option to join the meeting remotely or at the workspace.

Select Skip if you are joining the meeting remotely and do not require in-room device connections. [View Image]

Home Mode

When you are working from home and do not require meeting room audio or casting, set your status to Home Mode. With home mode, Synappx Meeting skips device connections and just starts web conferences.

Office Mode

When you are in the office, use Office Mode so that Synappx Meeting will assist with connecting your laptop to a meeting room display and audio device. [View Image]

When a scheduled meeting includes a web conference, the web conference application will launch and the meeting will begin. (For a list of supported web conference services, go to System Requirements.)

To auto-connect to an in-room audio device via Bluetooth, a dialog box will appear when you start a meeting. Select Room audio and Connect. De-select Room audio if you do not want to connect the device or select Skip to opt out. [View Image]

Auto-connect for casting and audio is the default setting. Go to settings to manage auto-connect settings. [View Image]